Rules of the vouchers displayed in the customer’s account in front-office

Vouchers are displayed in the customer account in the front-office, according to their parameters:

On the table below are listed all the different cases.

Cases Code Highlighted Group restriction User restriction Available in the FO vouchers page?
1 Yes or No Yes Yes or No Yes or No Yes
2 Yes or No Yes or No Yes or No Yes Yes
3 Yes No No No No
4 No No Yes No Yes
5 No No No No Yes
6 Yes No Yes No No

When there is no voucher for the customer, the page displays a notification: You do not have any vouchers. in Shop.Notifications.Warning.

If the customer has vouchers, it is listed on the table with the following information:

  • The voucher’s Code if there is any. It leaves a blank if it is a voucher with no code.
  • The Description of the voucher. It stands for the name of the cart rule.
  • The Quantity available for the customer. If the “Total available for each user” is reched or if the “Total available” is 0, the voucher is still displayed but with 0 in the quantity column
  • The voucher’s Value.
    It displays the value of the percentage (ex:20%), the amount (ex:50), “free shipping” if the vouchers is a free shipping voucher or the product gift’s name ex: T-SHIRT IMPRIMÉ COLIBRI: Size - S) If the voucher is composed of differents cart rules' actions, it aggregates the values with “+” between them.
    Ex: if the voucher reduced 20 euro tax excluded, add free shipping and give The adventure begins: Dimension - 40x60cm as gift, the Value column displays: “€20.00 VAT excluded + Free shipping + Affiche encadrée The adventure begins: Dimension - 40x60cm”
  • Cumulative, if the voucher is not Cumulative, it displays “No” otherwise displays “Yes”.
  • Expiration date, displays the expiration date of the voucher.

Voucher displayed on the Your voucher page.