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Row action does not apply to the ID’s checkbox column.



Rewritten URL. Should be available for all pages, even the index which stands for the store’s homepage.


URLs set up

Friendly URL. By default, this option is enabled. A friendly URL is generated from the page/item name, it is available for all of the pages whose URL can be rewritten:

  • product
  • category
  • attribute
  • feature
  • brand
  • supplier
  • page
  • page category

A tooltip completes this feature, Enable this option only if your server allows URL rewriting (recommended)..

Force update of friendly URL. At first, this option was only available for products, in the Shop Parameters > Product Settings page but it has been decided to make it available for all URLs. So it is now a SEO & URLs parameter to be found in this dedicated section of the back office, cf. to do issue #21386.

By default, it is disabled. Enabling this option will automatically regenerate the URL every time the merchant modifies it to save a new name. As a consequence, it automatically updates the friendly URL column in the ‘SEO & URLs’ listing of the page.

:pushpin: Example: the merchant edits the name of a product, he/she turns ‘Mug the best is yet to come’ into ‘Mug the best has gone’ - sad story, I know.

Case 1, this option stays disabled: the product name has changed but the URL still contains rewrite=mug-the-best-is-yet-to-come.
Case 2, this option is enabled: the product name has changed and the URL now contains rewrite=mug-the-best-has-gone.