As a merchant, I want to be able to turn my store offline to perform maintenance.


Enable store. Merchants have the possibility to temporarily disable their shop. It should only disable the front office, the back office is still accessible during maintenance. A help text is available: We recommend that you deactivate your store while performing maintenance. Note that it will not disable the webservice. in Admin.Shopparameters.Help.

During maintenance, the webservice remains enabled. Users with a key can still retrieve data. If need be, the webservice is to disable in Advanced Parameters > Webservice.

Enable store for logged-in employees. By default, this setting is enabled. When an employee is logged in, his/her IP address should automatically be allowed to access the front office, even if the shop is disabled, cf. to do issue #18932. A help text is available: Allow logged-in employees to access the store, even in maintenance mode. in Admin.Shopparameters.Help.

Maintenance IP. It allows specific IP addresses to access the store even if it is disabled. Clicking Add my IP should automatically fetch the IP address of the current computer. Users can add as many IP addresses as they need as long as separated with commas (,). You can allow a set of ip v4 address to access the front office. Since 1.7.8 you can add ip v6 addresses and ip subnet, Ip subnet has to be in CIDR format.

A help text is available: Allow IP addresses to access the store, even in maintenance mode. Use a comma to separate them (e.g.,, in Admin.Shopparameters.Help.

Custom maintenance text. Users can display a message on the maintenance page by using a text editor. By default, the following message is displayed: We are currently updating our shop and will be back really soon. Thanks for your patience. in Admin.Shopparameters.Feature. Merchants can localize the message according to the store’s available languages.

It is limited to 21844 characters. If the input contains more than 21844 characters, an error notification should be displayed when clicking ‘Save’ (and prevent from saving): %1$s is too long. Maximum length: %2$d in Admin.Notifications.Error.

A help text is available: Display a customized message when the store is disabled. in Admin.Shopparameters.Help.

Clicking ‘Save’, users are expected to stay on this page and see a success notification, Update successful in Admin.Notifications.Success.

Multistore behavior

In a specific shop context or in a group context, the options listed above should have checkboxes

In an all shops context, the options listed above should have specific settings drop-down

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