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  • New developer documentation for PrestaShop 1.7

    It's online and focusing on differences between 1.6 and 1.7

    PrestaShop 1.7 is a major release: a lot of code has been refactored, new features have been added, and a new way of building themes has been introduced. So, very early in the development release cycle, we decided to write more doc in order to support the designers and developers intending to switch to 1.7.

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  • PrestaShop theme documentation first draft is out

    Read it and tell us what else you want to know

    With PrestaShop 1.7 we completely rewrote the way shop theme works. Along with these changes, we intended to publish a full documentation that would help you create an amazing and creative new theme or adapt your theme to PrestaShop 1.7.

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  • Starter Theme: fresh news from the front #2

    What's up about Starter Theme

    We already have more exciting news about the StarterTheme.

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  • Introducing a new branching model for PrestaShop

    Do the right thing!

    PrestaShop has recently moved towards a more semantic versioning scheme, which is impacting the way we release new versions, and how we work on our GitHub repositories. If you want to contribute code, here’s a full explanation on how you should do it from now on.

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  • Set up your Git for contributing

    Tweak your git configuration to work better

    Any open source project comes with its own set of rules to harmonize everybody’s contributions. Usually the guidelines are described in a CONTRIBUTING.md file inside the project root directory.

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  • Dropping support for PHP 5.2 and 5.3

    Welcome Namespaces, Closures, Traits, Composer, and much more!

    At PrestaShop, we want to make e-commerce possible for everyone. No matter where you are, no matter how much you can (or cannot) spend on your hosting, no matter how big or how small your store is. Because we’ve always made sure your PrestaShop store could run on a cheap shared hosting plan in a far far away land, we had to support PHP all the way back to version 5.2 – a version that has been unsupported since January 2011.

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  • Create the perfect .gitignore file for your PrestaShop projects

    Commit only the right files

    As a serious developer, you need to use versioning (or “revision control”) for your projects, in order to track changes to your files… and be able to travel back in time when a disaster happens. There are many CVS (Concurrent Versions System) available out there today, but Git is by far the most popular in 2015, and one of the most used in the Open Source world, right behind Subversion (svn).

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  • .htaccess generator

    Add another security layer to your back office

    Even if your back office is already secured by PrestaShop’s login, you might want to add another layer of security from your webserver itself. This is done using the htaccess.txt and htpasswd.txt files. After you’ve uploaded them at the root of the folder to secure (in our case, your back office folder), the server will ask you for a username and a password before you can even access your PrestaShop back office login page.

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  • How to write on this blog

    or: How we tried to ensure that only developers could write on the devblog :)

    When we started talking about a dev blog among us, we thought about who could write, what we wanted to talk about, who was going to review the articles…

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