Even if your back office is already secured by PrestaShop’s login, you might want to add another layer of security from your webserver itself. This is done using the htaccess.txt and htpasswd.txt files. After you’ve uploaded them at the root of the folder to secure (in our case, your back office folder), the server will ask you for a username and a password before you can even access your PrestaShop back office login page.

  1. Find out what’s your website root path. Ask your host if necessary.
  2. Generate your htaccess file with the tool on this page.
  3. Rename it from htaccess.txt to .htaccess.
  4. Generate your htpasswd file with the tool on this page.
  5. Rename it from htpasswd.txt to .htpasswd.
  6. Upload both files at the root of your back office’s folder through your FTP software.

Generate htaccess file

Download your custom .htaccess file

Generate htpasswd file

Download your custom .htpasswd file