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  • PrestaShop 8.0.1 is available

    Maintenance version of the 8.0.x branch

    The first patch version for PrestaShop 8 is now available to download!

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  • PrestaShop 8.0 Is Available

    The final version is here!

    The maintainers team is pleased to announce that PrestaShop 8.0 is officially available.

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  • PrestaShop Version 8.0 Feature Freeze: Important Features

    Feature Freeze: an Inside Look at Most Important Features

    Dear developers and contributors,

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  • PrestaShop beyond 1.7

    Here is what we are planning next!

    Five years ago, PrestaShop 1.7 was released to the world, introducing Symfony, the Classic theme and child theme features, interface improvements, and so much more. With each one of the eight minor versions that followed, 1.7 kept on growing both in features and stability. Its maturity is recognized by its success: with over 170,000 live shops detected at the time of writing, it’s the most popular PrestaShop version used in production shops on the web.

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