Why this blog

This devblog is where the PrestaCrew communicates directly with the community. It’s especially targeted at those who contribute (Core, translations, documentation, modules/themes, etc.)

This blog is about everything that has to do with PrestaShop development. The whole PrestaShop product team contributes: developers, product managers, designers, tech writers, etc. We welcome your contributions!

We write about everything that happens to the PrestaShop software:

  • New releases,
  • Code activity in the past week,
  • The upcoming improvement in the codebase,
  • Current and future architectures,

…and all behavior changes that might affect you as a developer, a module/theme author, or simply as a Open Source fan :)

This devblog also hosts How-Tos on certain features, before they find their way in the Developer Guide or the Designer Guide.


How about writing a guest post here? Maybe you’ve been working with PrestaShop for a while and you want to write about how you use it? Or you feel a cool feature could use a highlight with sample code? Go ahead, suggest a new article — that might even inspire other people in the community to write too!

Before you start writing, please send us a short proposal at [email protected]. Once we have agreed with you on the topic, you can submit your article using a simple pull request.

Also, if we merge one of your cool pull requests on the PrestaShop project, we may invite you to tell us more about it here.



This blog is not for support. If you need help, you can search our forum or open a new thread there.

Feature requests

If you want to see some feature added to PrestaShop, please open a ‘Feature request’ issue on GitHub.

Bug report

If you find a bug or something that doesn’t work as expected, please open a ‘Bug report’ on GitHub.