Articles by tag : User Experience

  • Content style guide: a reference for better harmonization

    A reference document for writing content

    It all started with an observation: contributors brought many new wordings to the PrestaShop open source project but couldn’t access clear content guidelines. This led to a lot of inconsistencies. Wording is such an essential element of a good user experience, it was time for a change.

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  • Towards a more mobile-friendly back office

    Quick wins for a responsive back office

    Until now, PrestaShop always relied on a desktop-first responsive design strategy. Indeed, there are few use cases on mobile. But you can’t prevent users from checking their store’s back office on their mobile!

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  • Multistore feature in PrestaShop 1.7.8: What's new?

    Introducing the revamp of the multistore

    With the release of the new version 1.7.8 which is in progress, this article details one of the main features revamps of this version: the multistore.

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  • A journey to improve the Time To Interactive metric in Classic Theme

    When the lazy loading allow us to improve the LightHouse Score

    The project Core Web Vitals from Google has announced that loading time and performance will have an impact on the website ranking in search results. Google mentions lazy loading in their suggestions. Lazy loading will be available on Classic Theme in version 1.7.8 thanks to Progi1984 and it will definitely improve both user experience and loading time on your site!

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  • The new order pages in PrestaShop 1.7.7

    Introducing the revamp of order pages

    With the release of the new version 1.7.7, this article has the ambition to detail one of the major features of the version. Our work was focused on one of the most used pages by our merchants: the orders’ management page.

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  • How we reorganized the main menu in PrestaShop 1.7

    And what you should know about it

    Did you think everything had been said about PrestaShop 1.7 version? In our quest towards a simpler interface, the main menu was reorganized, mostly to make it easier for you to navigate in PrestaShop. So here are a few things you should be aware of.

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  • Calling for user-testing volunteers (Paris, France)

    Come tell us what you think!

    A lot of work has been done on the new back office for PrestaShop 1.7, most notably the reworked Product page and Modules page; as well as the brand new theme. Now, we need you to tell us what you think – face to face!
    As a reminder, the PrestaShop 1.7 Project FAQ is available.

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  • The Product Page - Evolution Revolution

    When User Experience is back in business

    A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away, we packed PrestaShop with much needed functionalities in its core. The aim was to propose the best ecommerce solution, with the biggest functional scope, answering to almost all of the merchants’ needs — all that while still being free.

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  • PrestaShop episode 1.7: the module page awakens

    Why we’re making a new module page, and what’s in it

    We’ve been working on this project for a while now, and it is about time we tell you about the new module page we are planning for PrestaShop 1.7.0! Since September, our team (Thibaud, Thomas, Melvin, Guilhem, Léa and myself) has been busy redesigning the outdated module page of version 1.6. Needless to say, it is an important subject for PrestaShop’s business, but most importantly a key step in merchants’ journey to a successful online store.

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