Articles about modules

  • Focusing on essential modules

    Announcing end of official support for less popular modules

    Over the years, the PrestaShop project became host and maintainer for a very large number of open source modules. Last year, over 160 of them were present in our GitHub organization. As you probably know already, maintaining them requires a lot of work, and the maintainer team’s resources are limited. Proof of this is that some of these modules have not been updated in years.

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  • Security issue with PHPUnit, post-incident analysis

    The mysterious development dependencies!

    Early January, we encountered a security issue with PHPUnit in some modules that allowed attackers to perform arbitrary code execution without authorization through the PHPUnit dependency. This vulnerability was discovered through a merchant whose shops were compromised.

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  • Critical security vulnerability in PrestaShop modules

    A newly found exploit could allow remote attackers to take control of your shop.

    Attackers are using a vulnerability in a popular dependency used by modules to take control of PrestaShop sites. For details, please read the entire article.

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  • Native modules and smart menu

    A bit of historical background and the refactoring plan

    As an open source project, PrestaShop is continuously being enriched by the company teams, external contributors, developers, etc. Thanks to all the community, it keeps growing in the right direction. The PrestaShop Team is proud and honored to read everybody’s feedback, ideas, translations and pull requests, it helps improving the PrestaShop project and making it better for everyone!

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  • The Integration Fund is still alive

    Get the chance to build modules your nearby merchants need

    Dear contributors, remember when, about two years ago, we presented you the Integration Fund? We even made an amazing video where we talk about this no less amazing Integration Fund. Well, we are still here and running, and for all this we would like to thank you.

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  • The Integration Fund explained by the team and its contributors

    Build modules your nearby merchants need

    Still not sure what the Integration Fund is? Take a look at this video:

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  • Twelve things to watch out for when coding a PrestaShop module

    Do you commit these mistakes? Do not make them further.

    PrestaShop has been around for many years, during which thousands of modules were made by thousands of developers, yet we still see the same simple mistakes being made, even though they could easily be avoided.

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  • A year of our $1M Fund: Already $200,000 granted, and you too can be a part of it!

    Build modules your nearby merchants need

    Last year PrestaShop launched its 1$ Million Integration Fund, conceived as a way to support a selection of developers by granting them funds to develop local modules. At the Paris PrestaShop Day 2016, we celebrated the first anniversary of the program.

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  • Ten ways to improve your PrestaShop modules!

    Stop the bugs, get back to innovating!

    PrestaShop has numerous features in the API, both hidden in its code as well as in the developer documentation and there are many tools that allow you to create your own module in no time! Unfortunately I have noticed that many developers do not use these features and tools to their advantage, so I think it’s time to change all that :) Hopefully, these tips will increase your development speed and save you lots and lots of time. And if not satisfied, you’ll get your money back! (Oh, wait…)

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  • PrestaShop episode 1.7: the module page awakens

    Why we’re making a new module page, and what’s in it

    We’ve been working on this project for a while now, and it is about time we tell you about the new module page we are planning for PrestaShop 1.7.0! Since September, our team (Thibaud, Thomas, Melvin, Guilhem, Léa and myself) has been busy redesigning the outdated module page of version 1.6. Needless to say, it is an important subject for PrestaShop’s business, but most importantly a key step in merchants’ journey to a successful online store.

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