Dear contributors, remember when, about two years ago, we presented you the Integration Fund? We even made an amazing video where we talk about this no less amazing Integration Fund. Well, we are still here and running, and for all this we would like to thank you.

Now, some of you may be wondering: “Integration Fund? Never heard of it!”. So if you’ve missed the previous articles, here is where you should go:

Integration Fund - Oct.2015
Integration Fund - Oct.2016

Feeling lazy? Don't want to go through those old articles? We've got you covered, here's a little reminder of what it is all about:

The Integration Fund is your chance to make your local ecommerce community flourish and to do something meaningful for your local emerchants while earning money.

It was created in June 2015 with the goal of developing our local offer of modules available on our platform Addons to answer the specific needs of numerous merchants all over the world.

The Integration Fund helps local developers create local modules by providing them funding.

In other words, if you have an idea of module that corresponds to a local need in your country of expertise, we are interested!

And you know what’s even better? The funded modules also benefit from additional visibility and have the “local recommended module” badge.

You have already done a lot!

And your local PrestaShop community still needs you!

There still are a lot of countries without the local modules available for the merchants to develop their stores.

In our TOP 40 of countries per number of stores for example, 18 of them are missing the local Shipping, Marketplace integration and Payment modules.

This represents a total of 45 000 stores that cannot operate to their full capacity, and that’s as many potential clients for you!

And think about the other countries too! Here are in orange all the countries missing specific modules.

So what are you waiting for? You have an idea of module for your country? Whether you have already worked with the Fund or not doesn’t matter. Start an application to the Integration Fund now!

And there’s more: In order for you to know all the best tips and information regarding ecommerce and what’s to come, we are launching a new column here in the devblog. It will focus on different regions of the world and will present you with the opportunities they represent.