As an open source project, PrestaShop is continuously being enriched by the company teams, external contributors, developers, etc. Thanks to all the community, it keeps growing in the right direction. The PrestaShop Team is proud and honored to read everybody’s feedback, ideas, translations and pull requests, it helps improving the PrestaShop project and making it better for everyone!

It is the strength of this community that renders each version of the software more powerful, with new features and contributions added. As of November 2018, more than 80 native modules are included in the upcoming PrestaShop 1.7.5 to fit merchants’ needs, and we need your feedback!

A bit of historical background

We all know it, when PrestaShop 1.7 was first released in 2016 it included less native modules than 1.6. At that point in time, some had been considered obsolete, they had some issues and they needed improvements. Many merchants claimed there was a real need for some of the removed modules regarding their business. Therefore, it appears important to rework and bring some of the most important modules back in the software… and here we are! We are now launching this project with you, not only bringing modules back but also aiming at improving user experience and fixing most bugs. So, on the PrestaShop’s Product Management team, we have chosen the most important native modules based on community feedbacks on github, on uservoice and on real-life events, and we defined their features based on needs, trends and legislations. We also want to rework some of current native modules of Prestashop 1.7.

For the next releases, we aim to bring back Wishlist, Product review, Legal compliance modules and rework Reassurance block, VAT number module. We try to include in every release some of your ideas and request.For example, stock location, not in a module but in the core, will be back soon in

Smart menu

For the first project the focus is on one of the most important PrestaShop modules, the Main menu module, which displays the Front Office menu. Many merchants use the current version, but they are not fully satisfied it can be improved. SEOPresta, a french web agency, has developed a new menu module, now called Smart menu (this module is open-source) and suggested to include it on the software. Prestasafe from SEOPresta has worked on it and now we need some help on in it in order to improve this menu module and make it the best as possible for merchants and customers.

You’ll find the repository of the module on GitHub, don’t hesitate to test it, give your feedback, contribute code and improve it :

Refactoring important modules

As said before, some features of PrestaShop 1.6 that the community was missing in 1.7 will be brought back. And they will be improved in terms of UX and coding standards. The Core team is working on those modules in order to provide them as soon as possible for merchants. Simultaneously, as a contributor, you are welcome to bring help and your point of view on those projects. Some of you have already started to submit pull requests and issues, thank you very much!.

You can have a look at the current status of this work on the Kanban dedicated to Native modules integration on GitHub.

Thank you all for your time, feedback and contributions, and special thanks to Prestasafe who worked hard on the Smart menu module.

If you have a project, or a module that you want to share and integrate in PrestaShop don’t forget to contact us at: [email protected] and on uservoice. We will review your idea and give you feedback as soon as possible.