Dear developers and contributors,

We are very pleased to be announcing the feature freeze of PrestaShop version 8.0. In this post, we will be looking at the most important features of this feature freeze, letting you know why we have frozen new features and explain what this means for the next few months.

Feature freeze is now effective

Therefore, as of today, the feature freeze is now effective and no new features will be added to version 8.0, so we can work on polishing the 8.0 features and working on their quality.

In the next few months, we will still be welcoming new features. We will be creating the 8.0.x branch to stabilize the code of the next 8.0 and new features will be added on “develop”.

Most important features of version 8.0

In this section, we wanted to highlight the most important features of this version 8.0 feature freeze, visible below:

  1. Update to Symfony 4.4 (LTS version, support until November 23)
  2. Compatibility with PHP 8.1
  3. Many different items regarding the open source project separation (video with more details visible here), removing all dependencies to the company to make the project as neutral as possible
  4. An experimental feature, the redesign of the product page:
  • Bulk edition enhanced for the product combinations
  • Reorganization of all the input information
  • Better image management (replacing images, bulk edition)
  • Performances improvement (categories and combinations)
  1. And a new password policy making PrestaShop more secure and safe.

Thank you to all the contributors that have helped with PrestaShop version 8.0: the community, our users and developers are what made this version possible. Looking forward to the final release of version 8.0!