The second patch version for PrestaShop 8 is now available to download!

8.0.2 is available!

Version 8.0.2 is available! In this patch, you can find over 20 bug fixes. As a patch version, 8.0.2 brings further goodness and stability to the 8.0 branch.

There were several noteworthy issues addressed in PrestaShop’s 8.0.2 milestone. The upgrade mechanism had a problem where it couldn’t check if the PHP session had started on some webservers, which was reported by many community members. Additionally, significant problems with web services were resolved, including the inability to create new customers. Another noteworthy fix was made for enabling themes that use Symfony routes for their modules, which was reported by a community member. Finally, there were several under-the-hood fixes and a new version of Distribution API client released to enhance the module upgrade process.

It is recommended to upgrade your shop quickly in order to benefit from these fixes. Of course, don’t forget to backup before. You can upgrade to the latest version using the 1-Click Upgrade v4.15.0.

Issues involved in the milestone 8.0.2


Back office

Front office



Upgrade mechanism



Contributors to this patch version, from both the project members and the community at large:

Alexandre Hellin, Boubker Bribri, Daniel Hlavacek, Ibrahima Sow, Krystian Podemski, Léa Delin, Mathieu Ferment, Matthieu Rolland, Maxime Flasquin, Nesrine Abdmouleh, Nicolas Lœuillet, Thomas Baccelli.

Thank you!

Download PrestaShop 8.0.2 now!

Since version 8.0.2 is a “patch” update, upgrading from version 8.0.0 should happen without any issues.

Features will work better, and modules and themes, which worked fine on previous 8.0 release, will work just as well with 8.0.2. As for every upgrade, it’s highly recommended to do a full manual backup beforehand.

If you encounter any problems during the upgrade that, in your opinion, are not caused by third-party modules or modifications used in your shop, submit a bug report.