The month of June is fast approaching, so it’s time for a late Spring clean!

On June 1st, 2021 we will delete all branches from our main repository that are no longer subject to new releases.

The affected branches are:

  • 1.7.0.x
  • 1.7.1.x
  • 1.7.2.x
  • 1.7.3.x
  • 1.7.4.x
  • 1.7.5.x
  • 1.7.6.x

Future branches will be deleted as well once they will become stale (e.g. 1.7.7.x will be deleted shortly after 1.7.8 is out).

Important note: Please be aware that this is a routine cleanup and has absolutely no impact on source code availability for previous versions.

You can always retrieve any older version of PrestaShop using git tags, just like before:

git clone --branch

We are providing this heads up because it has come to our attention that some people are relying on development branches for their deployment scripts. Don’t do that! Branches are for development only. Use tags for automation.