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  • PSDevCon 2023: Do you speak PrestaShop?

    How the community works to translate the software into multiple languages.

    Do you speak PrestaShop? On November 30, Nicolas Lœuillet and Julie Varisellaz gave a presentation about the project’s translations at the first-ever PrestaShop Developer Conference.

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  • PSDevCon 2023: PrestaShop News - Where We Are And Where We’re Going

    PrestaShop Project Progress: Reflecting on 2023 and Beyond

    The PrestaShop Developer Conference happened on the 30th of November 2023. During the day, I was able to present a conference, titled “PrestaShop news - Where we are and where we’re going”. This blog post is a written version of the presentation that I also partially presented at the December Live Update on December 20th.

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  • PrestaShop Developer Conference in Paris: Synopsis Of The Day

    What happened at PrestaShop’s first technical conference?

    The European community of PrestaShop developers gathered to talk code, commerce and also open source in Paris, on November 30, 2023, at the PrestaShop Developer Conference. It was so exciting to see approximately 150 people come to follow conferences and other technical presentations, as well as network during the day.

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  • New Branding For The Project

    Change of identity with the new PrestaShop branding

    This week will see some changes with the Project. PrestaShop SA, the company, is making the open source Project consistent with the new PrestaShop branding.

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  • Hooks in the Hummingbird theme

    Visual representation of the hooks in the Hummingbird theme

    Hummingbird is the new theme set to be introduced in PrestaShop 9. This theme represents a complete overhaul of the Classic theme, featuring a fresh design and new functionalities. The Product Design team at PrestaShop has developed a visual guide to the hooks available in this theme, aimed at simplifying customization for front-end developers who want to work with it.

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  • PrestaShop Developer Conference in Paris: Program and Registration

    Let’s go over the event’s program and registration process, taking place on November 30, 2023

    If you’re a PrestaShop developer or enthusiast looking to broaden your knowledge and connect with fellow community members, the PrestaShop Developer Conference is the event for you.

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  • The PrestaShop Developer Conference is coming to Paris!

    Pre-register for the event happening in Paris, France on November 30, and participate as a Speaker!

    Are you a passionate PrestaShop developer or enthusiast, wanting to expand your knowledge and network within the community? The PrestaShop team is happy to let you know the call for presentations is open for the PrestaShop Developer Conference, taking place in Paris, France on November 30, 2023. This event promises to be an opportunity to engage in technical discussions, discover solutions, and connect with like-minded peers in the community.

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  • PrestaShop 9 minimum PHP version will be PHP8.1

    The project moves forward and drops obsolete PHP versions

    The develop branch contains the source code that will give birth to PrestaShop 9. This is the future of PrestaShop: it will be released either at the end of the year 2023 or at the beginning of the year 2024 and must carry on the ambition of the project for 2024. This major version must also embrace the change in the PHP ecosystem, and consequently, it must drop the support of obsolete PHP versions.

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  • A New Organization For The Open Source Project

    A clearer, more transparent, more collaborative organization

    Today, I want to share the new organization for decision-making that will be set up for the PrestaShop project. We believe this organization will help our community grow, get even more involved, and work together in building a better PrestaShop, faster.

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  • PrestaShop 8.1 is now in feature freeze

    PrestaShop 8.1 enters stabilization phase

    As of February 1, 2023, PrestaShop version 8.1 has entered the feature freeze phase. This article provides more information about the feature freeze, what the next steps will be, and what to expect from PrestaShop 8.1.

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