One of the strengths of PrestaShop is how it reaches merchants all around the world through a highly customizable code, a high number of available languages and a rich catalog of local modules. We’re going a step further by making a big effort to offer local modules on PrestaShop Addons marketplace, thanks to the $1 million Integration Fund, launched in June, 2015.

The PrestaShop community is at the heart of this program, with two main goals:

  • Offer to merchants the most adapted catalog of modules by taking into account their regional habits, in terms of payment, shipping, marketplaces and administrative specificities
  • Fund developers who build these modules with an advance on their Addons sales, to support the launch of long tail modules

What has been achieved so far

A few weeks after the launch of the Integration Fund, 40+ modules are in the making, soon allowing shops in 20+ countries to be more adapted than ever to their customers and local markets. You can see below in which countries modules are being developed, or already released and being sold on PrestaShop Addons Marketplace:

Integration Fund modules per countries

Is your country missing from this list? Maybe it’s time to join the program!

Look around for local opportunities

A lot of local modules are left to build in order to offer a full catalog on our PrestaShop Addons Marketplace. Do merchants have everything they need to sell in your country? What about regional payment gateways, shipping carriers, or marketplace connectors – is it all there… or waiting for you to build a great module?

If you’d like to be part of this new step in PrestaShop history, feel free to apply and convince our jury to help you get started. If selected, your module will get funded and receive special visibility towards the merchants it targets.

Integration Fund modules per countries

How to get involved

The Integration Fund is looking for developers with a passion for ecommerce, who are experts of their local ecosystem and are willing to help PrestaShop expand in their region. If you think you have a great idea, tell us about it, and we’ll help you turn it into a successful module!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Apply online to the Integration Fund
  2. Hear back from us
  3. Submit your module
  4. Get your funding
  5. Sell on Addons

Learn more about the Integration Fund

It is time to bring your ideas to life! Apply to the Integration Fund now