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  • Contribute to the UI kit of the 1.7 back office

    Yes, yes, we have a UI kit :)

    PrestaShop is 10 years old this year. 10 years and a software that have experienced 7 major evolutions.

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  • PrestaShop Design Principles

    Defining the core User Experience values for PrestaShop

    Our design principles are made to shape stronger products. They define the experience core values of PrestaShop. They provide a consistent vision of our products and the way they should be build. Follow them if you build an interface, a user flow, a user experience for PrestaShop.

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  • User tests are not enough

    We created Lean Feedback, a collaborative workshop to help you deal with user tests results

    As a designer, product manager or entrepreneur you’ve probably been told countless times that user feedback is gold (and that’s true!). There’s no shortage of books and articles that describe the benefits of testing your product with your users. While these documents provide good advice on how the test is done, they often lack explanations on how to make sense of this feedback and how this process fits inside a team.

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  • Designing the new PrestaShop default theme

    How we rebuilt the front office to suit any merchant

    When merchants use PrestaShop for the first time, they’re offered a basic shop with demo products and a default theme. This basic theme is essential for the merchants to have a clear insight of what their new shop will look like. For the 1.7 version of the software, we’ve decided to revamp this default theme which we called “Classic”.

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