Our design principles are made to shape stronger products. They define the experience core values of PrestaShop. They provide a consistent vision of our products and the way they should be build. Follow them if you build an interface, a user flow, a user experience for PrestaShop.

Build for professionals

PrestaShop’s final users are merchants. Interfaces, flows and interactions should serve their professional needs. Go straight to the point. Deliver help and information. User experience must be as efficient as possible. Users should achieve their goals without hesitation or difficulty.

Design for humans

Prestashop users are humans. Don’t forget the emotional part of user experience. Prevent stress or frustration. Give feedbacks to any interaction. Use clear copy. Each problem should have a solution and a helpful alert message. Never forget the user’s emotions.

Stay consistent

PrestaShop has different platforms and products and serves a huge community. Consistency is crucial to maintain user experience quality and stay scalable. Please respect our branding, style guides and standards.

Be universal

PrestaShop is international. Every human being, no matter the culture, language, connexion or screen’s quality, should be able to use our products and understand our interfaces. Avoid tone, expressions or interactions that are specific to only one kind of people. Be universal. Interfaces should be adaptive to any language, behavior or standard.