If you’re a PrestaShop developer or enthusiast looking to broaden your knowledge and connect with fellow community members, the PrestaShop Developer Conference is the event for you.

Scheduled for November 30, 2023, in Paris, France, the conference promises an in-depth exploration of technical topics, innovative solutions, and ample opportunities to network and engage with peers who share your passion for PrestaShop. We’re also very happy to go over the recent unveiling of the agenda, packed with compelling sessions and engaging activities.

What exactly is the PrestaShop Developer Conference?

The PrestaShop Developer Conference is a gathering focused on supporting the PrestaShop developer community. It caters to both seasoned experts and newcomers, offering opportunities for knowledge sharing, networking, and gaining insights into PrestaShop. Additionally, the event serves as an informative platform for those interested in contributing to the open source community.

The conference agenda is now available on the website with talks about solutions for developers, performance, security, new features and CI/CD. But now, we’ll be going in a bit more detail about the program. So you can have a better overview of the day and understand what will happen, who will be speaking.

There will be two rooms at the venue: the main stage and the tech room. The main stage hosts a few more people than the tech room. But the main difference is that the tech room has a mix of shorter and longer talks, allowing for attendees to get a good mix of knowledge throughout the day.

What will the main room agenda look like?

Let’s first take a look at the main stage and start at the beginning of the day. The day’s introduction will be with Olivier Fontenelle, CTO of PrestaShop. Olivier will provide a conference introduction, followed by Mathieu Ferment, Tribe Engineering Manager at PrestaShop, who will enlighten us about PrestaShop’s current status and its future with PrestaShop 8.1. Łukasz Janik, CEO of Waynet, will guide us through optimizing the development of PrestaShop stores and modules via the CI/CD processes.

Clotaire Renaud, CTO of 202 Ecommerce, will shed light on the critical topic of exploiting vulnerabilities against application firewalls, an integral component of the risk mitigation plan. Following that, Dimitri Mouillard, Head of Solution Engineering at PrestaShop, will introduce a framework designed to streamline the onboarding of SaaS service modules through PrestaShop Billing and facilitate data synchronization via PrestaShop CloudSync.

Tomas Ilginis, a Developer at Invertus, will share his insights on module development techniques he wishes he had used, while Paul Coudeville and Jordan Brito, DevOps Consultant and Consultant Architect at Evolutive Group, will guide us on mastering CI/CD pipelines, providing agility and security within the PrestaShop ecosystem.

Krystian Podemski, Tech Evangelist for the PrestaShop Project, will provide valuable tips on selling your PrestaShop modules better, thanks to tools and techniques which will allow you to spend less time on support and maintenance. Following that, Jonathan Lelievre, Lead Developer Core at PrestaShop, will delve into the world of API OAuth/CQRS in PrestaShop 9.

And what exactly is in the tech room schedule?

In the tech room, many exciting talks will take place. Let’s look at the agenda from the beginning of the day and wind up at the end.

Discover the world of open source security and vulnerability management on PrestaShop OS with insights from Matthieu Rolland, Core developer & Lead Security at PrestaShop. Then, delve into the Core and understand whether it’s a long, quiet river, with Boris Hermans, Core Developer at PrestaShop, and Morgan Pichat, Open Source fullstack developer at PrestaShop.

Learn about accelerating theme development with PrettyBlocks from Guillaume Batier, Full Stack Developer at PrestaSafe. Additionally, discover the latest default PrestaShop theme, “Hummingbird”, presented by Alexis Guyomar, Developer, and Thibault Blivet, Web Integrator, both from PrestaShop.

Gain insights into effective testing with “PrestaShop Flashlight" from Clément Désiles, Engineering Manager - CloudSync at PrestaShop. Explore email personalization with Jonathan Danse, Lead PrestaShop Developer at Wepika, and also learn how to push module updates via GitHub in PrestaShop 8 with Jonathan as well. Then, join Nicolas Lœuillet, Dev Back Core Team, and Julie Varisellaz, UX Writer from the Product Design team at PrestaShop, as they discuss the translation tool Crowdin.

Gain more information about the Quality Council’s role in improving the open source project’s quality, with insights from Franck Lefèvre, QA Automation Engineer, and Robin Fischer, QA Manager, both from PrestaShop. Additionally, gain a better understanding of PrestaShop validator and Marketplace validation steps through Cyril Navarro, Tech Manager - Compliance at PrestaShop.

As the day concludes, don’t miss the Q&A session on the main stage with the PrestaShop Team, where you can get your questions answered and engage with the experts. All PrestaShop speakers will be available to answer questions, including Eric Senechal, Managing Director at PrestaShop, Olivier Fontenelle, CTO at PrestaShop and Clément Paillasse, CPO at PrestaShop. A cocktail and networking will be taking place following this session to conclude the day.

Register and learn more about the event

To register for the PrestaShop Developer Conference 2023, please visit the conference’s official website, where you can find more detailed information about the event. You will be able to view all sessions on the agenda and see the full list of speakers. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to engage, learn, and grow within the PrestaShop community. By participating in this event, you’ll have the chance to enhance your skills while making valuable contributions to the broader community.