Following the February session of the open source project’s public demo, we now feel confident to set a pace for these events.

PrestaShop open source project’s public demo every month

We aim to host open source project’s public demos the last Wednesday of each month at 2pm CET.

In July 2021 we have chosen to move the demo to the first Wednesday of each month at 4pm CET to better accommodate PrestaShop community worldwide schedule.

That means that the March session will happen on Wednesday 31st of March 2021, 2pm CET.

The session will be kept in record on YouTube, so it can be watched later if this timeslot is not suitable for you.

Sessions agenda

For now we stick to the current content of these sessions, which means in each session we

  • present the event
  • present latest announcements for the project
  • present some of the topics achieved this month
  • host a Q&A session

By the way, the Q&A session does not need to be about the demonstrations content! It can be any question related to the open source project, be it the scope, the documentation, the process or the content of the project.

If you have suggestions or feedbacks about previous demo sessions or upcoming sessions, feel free to tell us in the comment section

Note: the original article has been edited on Tuesday 13th of July 2021 to update the next session date and time.