That’s official, there will be a dedicated space for developers at the PSD Paris 2019. If you are developing themes and modules or contributing to the core, this is the place to be the 4th of June 2019.

PSD Paris 2019 - Map

Having such a place was expected by many people in the community. There was no dedicated space last year: that was possible to speak standing, exchange, but not possible to work. But this year, we do!

That’s why for this edition, the dimension of the developer space will be as big as the PrestaShop booth, with plenty of tables to put your laptops and chairs to sit down. Developers, engineers, and tech people in general, whether you are you are freelancers or working for agencies or merchants, this is where and why you must come to the PSD Paris in two weeks. And of course, developers from the PrestaShop company will be here too.

This will be the best opportunity of the year to meet and work together. So, don’t forget your laptop!

And let’s fix some issues in the core, improve native modules, go ahead on promising new projects like classic-rocket, and merge as many pull requests as possible.

Can’t wait to see you there.

Information about the PSD Paris 2019:

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PSD Paris 2019