After a Beta and a Release Candidate, the long awaited PrestaShop has been released and is available for download. As usual, you can upgrade with the Auto upgrade module. However, considering that the current period is usually critical for merchants sales, for sure, some might prefer to wait for a more appropriate time :-) Available


A lot has been done to make this “minor” PrestaShop version a reality. Here’s 1.7.5 in numbers:

  • 448 merged Pull Requests (vs 210 in 1.7.3 and 260 in 1.7.4)
  • 2903 files changed (164812 insertions, 129497 deletions)
  • 2079 commits merged
  • 114 issues fixed
  • 75 people contributed!

What’s new

SEO improvements in category page:

  • The first page no longer has a duplicate URL with &page=1
  • The category block is no longer displayed after the first page
  • Improved default URLs for brands & suppliers (now are /brand/123-somebrand and /supplier/123-mysupplier instead of /123_somebrand and /123__mysupplier)
  • Helper card in SEO & URL page

Product page

  • Specific prices can now be edited
  • The SEO section now displays a preview so that you can see how your page would be shown in Google results
  • When a product is taken offline, by default visitors will be redirected to the product’s main category, instead of a “Not found” page.
  • A “stock location” field has been added

Balise Meta - screenshot

Store location is back

Module management

  • UX improvements on Module pages
  • New module manager page with new categorization (Addons categories) and ability to manage modules by last use

New & fixed native modules

  • The google sitemap module is now available for PrestaShop 1.7
  • Favicon notifications in Back Office
  • Buy Button Lite
  • Cross selling module
  • Viewed products

Favicon notification - screenshot

Viewed products - screenshot


  • During install, if there is a more recent stable version of PrestaShop available, it will suggest and allow downloading and installing the latest instead
  • New languages in installer:
    • Hindi
    • Bosnian
    • Mexican Spanish
    • Latvian
    • Galician
    • Arabic

The technical side

Bugs fixes

You can see the comprehensive list of the 114 bugs fixed for on GitHub.

Top watchers:

  • #10638 - Undefined $urls index in ajax rendered template
  • #9942 - Add new referer error
  • #9916 - Viewed products don’t work on fresh installed PS1.7
  • #9883 - Error in Chrome when hit back from product to category
  • #9697 - Unable to translate some strings in bank wire payment module

Symfony migration

Newly migrated pages:

  • Orders -> Delivery slips
  • Orders -> Invoices
  • Design -> Theme Catalog
  • Design -> Positions
  • Shipping -> Preferences
  • Payment -> Payment Methods
  • Payment -> Preferences
  • International -> Localization -> Localization
  • International -> Translations (Page 1 out of 2)
  • Shop Parameters -> Order Settings -> Order Settings
  • Shop parameters > Traffic & SEO > SEO & URLs
  • Advanced Parameters -> Database -> DB Backup
  • Advanced Parameters > Webservice (hidden, because the page “Advanced Parameters > Webservice -> Add key” has not been migrated and it does not make UX sense to have only one of them)
  • Advanced Parameters -> Logs
  • Advanced parameters -> Email


The style of the migrated forms has been improved.

Components and dependencies

New hooks

  • action{GridId}GridQueryBuilderModifier
  • action{GridId}GridDefinitionModifier
  • action{GridId}GridDataModifier
  • action{GridId}GridFilterFormModifier
  • action{GridId}GridPresenterModifier
  • actionFrontControllerSetVariables

The developer documentation includes a description of hooks.

Clear cache on module action

PrestaShop now clears the symfony cache when an action is performed on a module (install, uninstall, enable, …). This is necessary because modules can now use Symfony routing and services, so we need to clear the cache if we want these services/routing to be updated.

Performance improvements

Lazy loading of the variables returned by the Cart / Order / Product presenters: if some informations are not used in your templates, they are not computed anymore.

PrestaShop ❤ Community

PrestaShop 1.7.5 is above all a community project: from the 75 committers who contributed to this release, 4 are new contributors and over two thirds were community members.

A huge “thank you!” to these 75 fine people: Amazzing, Anas Mammeri, Andy Pieters, anegoda1995, Ansar Mallouli, Antoine THOMAS, Aurélien Pelletier, Axome, azisyus, Ben Wallis, can, Code Utopia, Cristiano Verardi, Dhavalkumar Prajapati, Dheeraj Sharma, fatmaBouchekoua, fouratachour, FranckRIBEIRO, Fransuisse, Guillaume Durand, hadrich-hatem, idnovate, iqit-commerce (Marcin Sz), Ishiki, jf-viguier, Jocelyn Fournier, Johannes Schramm, Jonathan Lelievre, JuanjoSCu, Jérôme H, khouloud.belguith, Lathanao, Leandro F. L, Louise Bonnard, lozal2244, Lucas Rolff, mahdi, Marion François, Mathias Reker, Mathieu Ferment, Matt75, Matthieu Mota, Mehdi, mehdi-ghezal, Michael Käfer, Mickaël Andrieu, okom3pom, Oskar Andersson, Pablo Borowicz, Patrick Weinstein, Pedro Câmara, Pedro Rendeiro, Peter Schaeffer, Pierre RAMBAUD, Presta Module, rdy4ever, Rokas Zygmantas, Rudra Sarkar, Rémi Gaillard, sadlyblue, sallemiines, seleda, Sergey P, Simone, Sébastien Bareyre, Sébastien LE, RUCHEC, Thomas Leviandier, Thomas Nabord, tolispy, Tomas Ilginis, Tony Botalla, unlocomqx, Web Premiere, yosra.akrout, Šarūnas Jonušas!

Thank you again for helping improve the life of more than 270,000 online merchants with ideas, improvements, and fixes!


You can download PrestaShop here:

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