PrestaShop Release Candidate is now ready for you to test!

We are happy to announce that we are close to releasing This minor version (in the SemVer meaning of the term) brings several new features and improvements to the 1.7 codebase, among which the return of Stock Management. We can’t wait to receive your feedback about it!

Test PrestaShop RC1 now!

This RC is a great opportunity for you to start playing with it before we release a stable version!
Go download and install it as a test store, either on your machine or your web hosting, then have a go it – and give us your feedback!
Merchants, module developers, theme designers: We need YOU to test this new version of PrestaShop.

The feedback period is open from today to July 16th, 10 PM GMT. PLEASE TEST NOW!

What you need to know about PrestaShop RC1

This version of course includes all the fixes that were part of the 2 patch versions released since v1.7.1.0 in April 2017.

It also brings the following:

  • New Stock Management interface, with essential management of your inventory.
  • New Translation page, with improved code and interface.
  • New hooks on both the Product page and the Classic theme.
  • Improved Classic theme readability on low quality screens.
  • Product page text areas now have a character counter.
  • New localization packs for Algeria, Morocco, South Africa and South Korea.
  • New Installer languages: Estonian, Finnish, Greek and Slovak.

…and many smaller things and needed fixes! Check the full changelog here.

Among the added hooks, you can find:

  • Front office, thanks to @prestamodule:
    • displayWrapperTop
    • displayWrapperBottom
    • displayContentWrapperTop
    • displayContentWrapperBottom
  • Back office product page, thanks @martinfojtik:
    • displayAdminProductsMainStepLeftColumnMiddle
    • displayAdminProductsMainStepLeftColumnBottom
    • displayAdminProductsMainStepRightColumnBottom
    • displayAdminProductsQuantitiesStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsPriceStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsOptionsStepTop
    • displayAdminProductsOptionsStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsSeoStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsShippingStepBottom

How to give feedback about this RC

Have you found a bug? A curious behavior? An unexpected reaction? Please let us know as soon as possible!

Create a ticket on the 1.7 Forge project, and give us as much details as possible!

Final note

So have at it! Download it, test it out with your theme/modules, and let us know what you like about it :)

Test PrestaShop RC1 now!

We’ll closely monitor your feedback, and are eager to hear from you!

Happy testing!