Dear community. You’ve all been waiting for it. So have we. PrestaShop is here.

We know you expected a lot from the next minor version, and we didn’t want to let you down. It closes almost twice as many pull requests as, and combined (126 vs. 203), and we took a month more of testing and improving it.

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The previous version, released in early April 2017, brought many of the things that you wanted v1.7.0.0 to have: several native modules were available again (cross-selling, specials/discounts, best-sellers, etc.), the PayPal module made its come back, several improvements were made to the back office (including a unified mobile design)… All the while improving stabilization and performance.

So you might be wondering, what do we have in store for you this time? Keep reading…

What’s new?

Here what you can expect from this new minor version of PrestaShop:

  • New Stock Management interface, with essential management of your inventory.
  • Updated Translation page, with improved code and interface.
  • New hooks on both the Product page and the Classic theme.
  • Improved Classic theme readability on low quality screens.
  • Product page text areas now have a character counter.
  • New localization packs for Algeria, Morocco, South Africa and South Korea.
  • New Installer languages: Estonian, Finnish, Greek and Slovak.

…and many smaller things and needed fixes! Check the full changelog here.

Let’s explore that a bit, shall we?

New Stock Management interface

The 1.6 Advanced Stock Management feature was deemed too unstable to really be taken as-is in We chose the remove from the first 1.7 versions in order to take the time to explore how to best build stock management into PrestaShop.

You can follow our quest to build a new stock management feature right here on the Build devblog: how we assessed the situation, how we iterated through prototypes, and finally, what stock management looks like in version

New Stock Management page

It’s no longer “advanced” as it was in PrestaShop 1.6: the stock management is now much more reasonable, and much more usable for a majority of merchants (the ones who can’t afford an ERP yet).
It’s also a solid foundation for further improvement!

Of note, we started using the Vue.js framework in order to improve the UX in an iterative way.

Updated Translation page

The new Translation page in kinda worked, but it was a performance hog, and not quite usable. So we decided to rework it using the same technology as the new Stock Management page: Vue.js.

New Translation page

Also, this version contains modifications that could impact your themes: if you are using the Classic strings and translations for your own theme, we’ve made some changes in that you should report on your theme if you still want to benefit from the PrestaShop translations.

New hooks

Thanks to community members, develops can now enjoy new FO and BO hooks!

  • Front office, thanks to @prestamodule:
    • displayWrapperTop
    • displayWrapperBottom
    • displayContentWrapperTop
    • displayContentWrapperBottom
  • Back office product page, thanks @martinfojtik:
    • displayAdminProductsMainStepLeftColumnMiddle
    • displayAdminProductsMainStepLeftColumnBottom
    • displayAdminProductsMainStepRightColumnBottom
    • displayAdminProductsQuantitiesStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsPriceStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsOptionsStepTop
    • displayAdminProductsOptionsStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsSeoStepBottom
    • displayAdminProductsShippingStepBottom

Community involvement

Rarely has a version of PrestaShop so much contribution from the community! Of the 201 pull requests that were merged in this version, 52 came from contributors such as you! Yup, that’s 25% of the code changes in :)

A huge “thank you!” to these 36 fine people, then: @0kph, @123monsite-regis, @aaymeric, @addisnetwork, @agnessymediane, @alendit, @alexdee2007, @dariusakafest, @djbuch, @gasparfm, @howardnoz, @ish6614, @jestemradek, @jorgevrgs, @kpodemski, @madef, @martinfojtik, @mortred974, @neoteknic, @nobodaddy, @pnicolass, @prestaedit, @prestamodule, @psandmore, @rubenmartins, @sebbareyre, @slamdunk, @soullivaneuh, @studiokiwik, @tiledcode, @tonyyb, @transkontrol, @true0r, @unlocomqx, @willowcreation, and @yannicka!

Thank you for helping improve the life of more than 260,000 online merchants with ideas, improvements and fixes!

Special thanks to @martinfojtik and @prestamodule, who are each responsible for 5 pull requests \o/

Now go ahead and tell us what you think!

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