The second Live Update for the PrestaShop Project in 2024 will happen on Wednesday, February 7th, 2024 at 4 pm (Paris time) on YouTube!

The upcoming Live Update in February 2024 will feature the presentation of two very interesting subjects!

Fabien Vallon who is Lead Product Manager at PrestaShop will present an overview of the new Core Upgrade tool that is planned to be released this year.

We will also have a special guest, Tomas Ilginis, a developer from Invertus, one of the leading agencies specializing in PrestaShop. Tomas will share insights on how himself and his colleagues at Invertus prefer to work with PrestaShop modules. This presentation was originally delivered during the PrestaShop Developer Conference in Paris.

Join us on YouTube!

Remember that at the end of every meeting, there is a Q&A session. You can ask your questions during the presentation or beforehand. If you have questions related to the open source project, feel free to let us know in advance using this form. We will do our best to answer them during the Q&A session.

The session will be kept in record on YouTube, so even if you can’t attend the live stream, you will still be able to catch up later.

See you then!