The second patch for PrestaShop 8.1 is available! This release contains 2 security fixes, over 30 bugs have been fixed and some minor improvements have been integrated.

8.1.2 is available!

Version 8.1.2 fixes a few security issues found by security researchers and solves a great number of bugs reported by the community and project’s Quality Assurance team. It also includes some minor improvements, especially for the new product page and new multi-format image generation system.

You can go to the release page to see a full changelog, but it’s worth mentioning a few notable bug fixes and improvements:

It is recommended to upgrade your shop quickly in order to benefit from these fixes. Of course, don’t forget to backup before. You can upgrade to the latest version using the 1-Click Upgrade module.

Contribution overview

This patch benefits greatly from the combined efforts of our community and internal PrestaShop team. A notable mention goes to @Hlavtox, who alone contributed 32 PRs, making up 50% of all merged Pull Requests. While the core work is largely driven by the PrestaShop team, contributions like those from Hlavtox are invaluable in enhancing the project. A big thank you to @Hlavtox and to everyone else who made this patch version that good!

Author Company PRs Percentage
Hlavtox Daniel Hlavacek 32 PRs 50.00%
jolelievre PrestaShop SA 7 PRs 10.94%
Progi1984 PrestaShop SA 6 PRs 9.38%
nicosomb PrestaShop SA 4 PRs 6.25%
M0rgan01 PrestaShop SA 3 PRs 4.69%
tleon PrestaShop SA 3 PRs 4.69%
matks PrestaShop SA 3 PRs 4.69%
boherm PrestaShop SA 2 PRs 3.13%
boubkerbribri PrestaShop SA 2 PRs 3.13%
sowbiba PrestaShop SA 2 PRs 3.13%

Security advisories

Two security issues have been fixed in this release. Both required back office access to be exploited.


Contributors to this patch version, from both the project members and the community at large, include:

Amazzing, Benoît Gross, Boris Hermans, Boubker Bribri, Daniel Hlavacek, Fabien Papet, Franck Lefèvre, Ibrahima Sow, idnovate, Jonathan Lelievre, Krystian Podemski, Mathieu Ferment, Matthieu Rolland, Maxime Flasquin, maxime-profileo, Morgan Pichat, Nesrine Abdmouleh, Nicolas Lœuillet, Pablo Borowicz, PrestonBot, Sharak, Thomas Leone, Tofandel

Thank you!

Download PrestaShop 8.1.2 now!

Since version 8.1.2 is a “patch” update, upgrading from previous 8.1.x versions should happen without any issues. As for every upgrade, it’s highly recommended to do a full manual backup beforehand.

If you encounter any problems during the upgrade that, in your opinion, are not caused by third-party modules or modifications used in your shop, submit a bug report.