We are pleased to announce that PrestaShop 8.1 is officially available.

PrestaShop 8.1 is available!

PrestaShop 8.1 is a minor upgrade with major improvements. It’s focused on making things faster and easier for you, transforming the way you use PrestaShop.

The entirely reworked product management page delivers a more efficient and user-friendly experience. This new page makes managing product combinations, prices, taxes, stock, and images quicker and easier. Multistore product management has also been drastically improved. Performance-wise, the new product management page is taken to a new level, especially for stores with a large number of combinations.

Additional new features include improved control over product availability labels, enhanced SEO settings for products, and support for multiple format image generation (WebP, AVIF). There are also a few improvements for developers, such as simplified access to the store’s performance profiler.

For a deeper dive into these changes, check out the “What’s New in PrestaShop 8.1 Page”.

What's new in version 8.1?


PrestaShop 8.1 is available on GitHub:

Download PrestaShop 8.1 now!

New product management page

Keep in mind that if you upgrade from the previous version and want to use the new product management page, you have to enable it in the “Advanced Parameters > New & Experimental Features > New product page”. For new installations, this page is automatically available.


The 1-Click Upgrade module for this version is available. You can download the latest release, enabling the upgrade to 8.1 directly from GitHub. For technical and backward compatibility reasons, upgrade for PrestaShop 8.1 is available under “Major upgrades” channel.

Known issues

You can find the list of known issues here: List of known issues on PrestaShop 8.1. The remaining regressions are expected to be fixed in upcoming patch releases.


A big thank you to people who contributed to Pull Requests included in this version:

Abramo Franchetti, Alejandro Ramos, Aleksandro Sansan, Amit Kumar Tiwari, Angelo Romano, Antonin Clauzier, Arnaud Drieux, Arťom Evsin, Boris Hermans, Boubker Bribri, Cedric Vangout, Cesar Quintini, Chedly Farhani, Clotaire Renaud, Codencode, Daniel Hlavacek, David Gonzalez, David Oury, Dingedi, Fabien Papet, Florine Hea, Franck Lefèvre, hendaghanmi, Hugo Posnic, Ibrahima Sow, idnovate, Igor Stępień, Jakub Łach, Javi Domenech, Jean-François Viguier, Jens Wilke, Jeremie Legrand, Jérôme Weill, Jevgenij Visockij, jevgenijvisockij, Jonathan Danse, Jonathan Lelievre, Julius Žukauskas, Karel Balej, Karlis Suvi, Khouloud Belguith, Korbinian Lechner, Krystian Podemski, Laurent Rousseau, leemyongpakvn, Lorenz Meyer, Mahmoud Parvazi, Marco Ingraiti, Marco Salvatore, Marius Gudauskis, Markus Staab, Martin Kučera, Massimo Caroccia, Mateus Shirlaw, Mathieu Ferment, Matthieu Rolland, Maxime Flasquin, Michał Kaleta, Mickaël Fernandez, Naveen Srinivasan, Nesrine Abdmouleh, Nicolas Lœuillet, okom3pom, Olivier Clemence, Òscar Casajuana, Pablo Borowicz, Paul Coudeville, PICHAT Morgan, Pierre-Yves Christmann, Prestaplugins, Prestasafe, Prestaworks, PrestonBot, PululuK, Rafał Miłecki, Robin Fischer, Roman Kotyra, Salim Benouamer, Sébastien Alfaiate, Sharak, Simone, SLRkingRing, Store Commander dev team, Tanguy JACQUET, Thomas Baccelli, Thomas Nabord, Thomas Nares, Thomas Leon, Tom Combet, Tuni-Soft, Valentin Szczupak, Yani Makouf

PrestaShop is above all a community project: the vast majority of contributors are not directly affiliated with PrestaShop SA.

We would also like to thank the people who contributed aside from code:

  • Product and project management: Rosa Benouamer, Zoé Finders, Fabien Vallon, Mateus Shirlaw and Wahbi Maaoui.
  • Quality assurance: Achraf Kchaou, Anis Zouari, Aurélien Rita, Emna Chouichi, Faten Mhiri, Florine Hea, Hana Rebai, Hejer Elleuch, Hibatallah Aouadni, Ines Sallemi, Khouloud Belguith, Paul-Noël Cholot, Robin Fischer, Sarah Dib and Serhii Zavadskyi.
  • Wording management and proofreading: Léa Delin and Patrick Coffre.