Contributing to PrestaShop is not only about the code, it’s also about taking part in the PrestaShop translation project! This report will tell you how the software translations evolved in August 2023.

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Project news

Some updates on the translation project

Starting September 18th 2023, the PrestaShop translation project will be managed by both @Julievrz and @axel.viersac. As such, they will be the ones taking care of everything related to the project, including this newsletter. Feel free to message them if you need anything.

Keep up the great work, everyone! Over and out 🛫

A few stats

  • 14 members joined the project this month.
  • 18 members were active on the project.
  • A total of 5,984 words have been translated and 4,304 validated.
  • All this in 15 different languages.

Thank you all very much for your involvement!

Top contributors in August 2023

A lot of you are working every day on Crowdin to have PrestaShop available in many languages, and PrestaShop cannot thank you enough for your dedication! Here are the most active translators and proofreaders in August 2023.

Top 10 translators in August 2023:

Translator Language # Words
1. Gabriel Tenita (ggedamed) Romanian 1,992
2. M. Mirena (mmirena) Albanian 1,538
3. husen2 Sorani (Kurdish) 1,456
4. Stamatis (breezer) Greek 457
5. Zoran Tejic (zotamal) Serbian (Latin) 156
6. Ayaa00 Sorani (Kurdish) 136
7. Michał Boruta (eveneme) Polish 130
8. Tatu Wikman (tswfi) Finnish 97
9. KarLin - Karakalpak Translators Team (alizhumagaliev) Karakalpak 33
10. Wongcie Cahyono (wongciecahyono) Indonesian 27

Top 5 proofreaders in August 2023:

Proofreader Language # Words
1. Gabriel Tenita (ggedamed) Romanian 1,949
2. M. Mirena (mmirena) Albanian 1,471
3. Stamatis (breezer) Greek 456
4. Rostyslav (config123) Ukrainian 227
5. Zoran Tejic (zotamal) Serbian (Latin) 156

Congratulations, and welcome to the project’s new top contributors. 👏

Remember, you can see who has been contributing to our translation project thanks to the Translators page.

Complete translations

Fully available languages

At the end of August, PrestaShop 8 was fully available (= 100% translated and validated) in 2 languages: French and Italian

Almost there!

18 languages are almost fully available (99% translated/99% validated):

Catalan Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Simplified) Czech
Dutch Greek Hungarian Korean
Lithuanian Persian Polish Portuguese
Portuguese (Brazil) Romanian Slovak Spanish

There is only 1% of strings to translate and proofread! There’s just a single string left to translate! 💪

Congratulations and a huge thank you to all of you, contributors! 🎉

Of course, this is highlighting the languages that made some progress with new translations; but it does not mean that the languages that are not mentioned here are not active. Indeed, some editing and rewriting may be going on, but the percentage of translation would not be modified (since the work happens on strings that are already translated). So let’s not forget about the work of other contributors! Thanks to you too!

Translating PrestaShop: documentation

Ever had a question regarding the translation project but never knew where to look exactly? We’ve taken all your comments and suggestions and put them into a specific documentation, dedicated to you, translators! 📖

In it, you’ll find everything about Crowdin and documentation translations, as well as the project’s Terms of Use along with a few useful resources, including the PrestaShop glossary.

You can access the translator documentation anytime here.

Feel free to let us know if you have any suggestions or questions by sending us an email 📩

Let’s keep in touch!

If you have not joined us on Crowdin yet, it is never too late! 😉

Thanks, everyone! 🙌

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