Friendly reminder, that the public demo for the PrestaShop Project will happen tomorrow, on Wednesday, December 14th, 2022 at 4pm CET!

I expect to share with you project news. Additionally, a few demos are planned:

  • Availability labels for product combinations, by @Hlavtox
  • New options for discountinued products, by @Hlavtox
  • Better managing the order state for backorder products, by @Hlavtox

At the end of every meeting, there is a Q&A session. You can ask your questions beforehand. If you have some, about things related to the open source project, feel free to ask using this form. They will be answered during the Q&A session.

Join us on YouTube!

The session will be kept in record on YouTube, so even if you can’t attend the live stream, you will still be able to catch up later.

See you then!