This edition of the Core Weekly report highlights changes in PrestaShop’s core codebase from Monday 18th to Sunday 24th of January 2021.

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A quick update about PrestaShop’s GitHub issues and pull requests:

Code changes in the ‘develop’ branch


Back office

Front office

  • #19231: Add caching on Theme Yaml parsing. Thank you @Kioob



Code changes in the ‘1.7.7.x’ branch


Back office

  • #22909: BO - Create Order - Updated product list when adresses changed, by @Progi1984
  • #22863: Fix reference in Shopping carts view. Thank you @kpodemski
  • #22805: BO - Orders page - Cannot delete a product restricted by a cart rule, by @Progi1984


Code changes in modules, themes & tools

Customer reassurance block module

PHP Developer Tools

  • #49: Update PHP Syntax linter github action to use standard GA instead of prestashop/github-action-php-lint@master, by @matks
  • #48: Update PHP CS Fixer github action to use standard GA instead of prestashopcorp/github-action-php-cs-fixer, by @matks
  • #46: Add stub for Module::getInstanceByName always returning true, by @Quetzacoalt91

QA nightly results

Nightly board

Changes in developer documentation

User documentation landing page

Faceted search module

PrestaShop Specifications

Example modules

  • #37: Homogenize composer.json authors, by @matks
  • #36: Add logos for all modules, by @matks
  • #33: Copy demoextendsymfonyform1 into demoextendsymfonyform3, by @matks
  • #31: Demonstrate displayOrderPreview. Thank you @kpodemski

Search Bar module

Shopping cart module

Simple HTML table display module

OnBoarding module

Check payment module

Custom text module

Product Comments module

Theme customization module

Order Notifications on the Favicon module

PrestaShop PHPStan extension

MJML Theme Converter

  • #10: Update dependencies to be compatible with PHP 7.3, by @jolelievre

Product details statistics module

Thank you to the contributors whose pull requests were merged since the last Core Weekly Report: @PierreRambaud, @dependabot[bot], @matks, @atomiix, @boubkerbribri, @kpodemski, @Progi1984, @nesrineabdmouleh, @justeen35, @NeOMakinG, @davidglezz, @Prestaworks, @Quetzacoalt91, @github-actions[bot], @dpatou, @LouiseBonnard, @marionf, @jolelievre, @MatShir, @PrestanceDesign, @Kioob, @zuk3975!

Thank you to the contributors whose PRs haven’t been merged yet! And of course, a big thank you to all those who contribute with issues and comments on GitHub!

If you want to contribute to PrestaShop with code, please read these pages first:

…and if you do not know how to fix an issue but wish to report it, please read this: How to use GitHub to report an issue. Thank you!

Happy contributin’ everyone!