PrestaShop 1.7.7 is now freshly baked and ready for translation and validation! Translation files have already been pushed on Crowdin projects, so you are all set! 😉

Everybody is invited to translate, spot mistakes, and validate to get an accurate translation catalog for the release.

PrestaShop 1.7.7 Translation

The beta 1.7.7 is released 🚀

A few weeks ago, the beta version of PrestaShop was launched. Our PrestaShop team is very excited about it and hope that you will be delighted as well because new features and big improvements have been made!

It is important to translate those files as much as possible because it will allow you, as translators, to get an in-context environment of translation. As a consequence, you will have more time to find the most accurate translation for the official release, when it will be available to worldwide users.

Also, it is a useful time to notice mistranslations, discover the new minor version and thus work on more precise translation. Let’s all accomplish this mission! New strings are already looking forward to meeting you, pillar translators from across the globe, on the Crowdin projects. 😊

And of course, everybody in the community is encouraged to test it and give feedback!

What is new in 1.7.7? ✨

A new interesting feature introduced in the 1.7.7 version is the fuzzy search. Its role is to improve PrestaShop’s native search functionality by finding words that are similar to the one entered. For instance, if you want to write “bird” but write a typo, like “brid”, the fuzzy search feature will look into your whole catalog, and find articles that have a title or a description containing words that resemble the one you typed. If you have articles with the word “bird” in it, the fuzzy search will calculate that “brid” is close to “bird”. It will thus show you a list of articles including the word “bird”, in which you can choose. Cool right? 😉

In this minor version, several main features can be pinpointed such as the order management system rework, which has been improved for merchants to save time. As it will be smoother, you won’t have to go back and forth in each customer’s order.

Another feature is the currency management and customization which now allows you to get all the official currencies in one click, or even create your own currency!

But this isn’t the end! Besides technical improvements, more packs were incorporated in the software and languages added in the installer for international markets.

Go for it! 💪

All this to say that new strings have been added to the projects which you can find on Crowdin. As always, translation suggestions or proofreadings for improvements are more than welcome! Your precious contributions will not only help your business but all PrestaShop users.