The second Beta version for PrestaShop is now ready for you to test!

Prestashop BETA 2 Release

Over 130 Pull Requests have been merged since the first Beta of was released about three months ago. A great number of regressions have been detected and fixed thanks to extensive testing by the community and the PrestaShop team, mainly in the new order pages. However, as new regressions keep being reported, the maintainer team has decided to issue a second Beta release before a Release Candidate is built. This will provide the community with a more up-to-date version to continue testing while the final bugs are being fixed. We hope this will yield a more stable and robust final version.

This second beta release is essential for your business and allows you to verify if all your modules and themes are still working. If it’s not the case, you may need to update them or open an issue if you find a regression compared to the previous minor version 1.7.6. To ensure your modules work well with this new version, you should: download, install, test this new version and give us your feedback as early as possible. Consider focusing your tests on the migrated back-office order pages: the ‘Add a new order’ page and the ‘View order detail’ page. This is how you can get involved to make PrestaShop 1.7.7 stable more quickly and be confident that the final version will work flawlessly. If no new critical or major regression is reported by September 21st, then the first release candidate will be built and released a few days later.

Remember, this beta version is pre-release software. Do not use it in your production shop!

Notable changes in 1.7.7 beta 2

Order back-office

Create order back-office

Edit order back-office

View order back-office

Listing order back-office

Back Office:

Front Office:



Reliability: Some service API calls have been removed from the Core. This should improve the speed and reliability of the Back Office:


Backwards incompatible changes


130+ pull requests have been merged since the first beta release and 100+ issues have been fixed. Read the Changelog for details.

If you are looking for more details about all changes and new features expected in 1.7.7, the 1.7.7 beta version release note is the perfect article for you to read!


You can download PrestaShop beta 2 here:

Download PrestaShop beta 2 now!

How to help finish 1.7.7

Your feedback on this beta 2 is essential: the regressions you report right now are as many less bugs on the final version, fewer problems on your (or your customer’s) online store, and and less time waiting for patch versions.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Install this beta version, optionally as an upgrade to a copy of your current shop, and test that everything works well compared to the previous version, 1.7.6
  • If you develop modules or themes, test them on this version
  • Test the migrated back-office order pages: the add order page and the order detail page
  • Test the auto-upgrade module (use the “expert mode” and choose “local archive” to manually provide the Beta 2 zip file to the upgrade module; note that it’s not possible to upgrade from the previous Beta version)
  • Report any regressions on GitHub (read how to report issues)
  • Fix regressions by creating a pull request (read the contribution guidelines)

If everything is working well, feel free to tell the world! Comment on this article, share on social networks… we also need this kind of feedback! 😉

Remaining known issues (target: must-have fixed in Release Candidate)

Order back-office




A huge thanks to everyone who got involved by reporting, testing and fixing regressions during the first beta phase.

Contributors who submitted pull requests and participated to build this second beta: antoinedamiron, clotaire202 from 202-ecommerce agency, arouiadib. Thank you!

Contributors who reported regressions to build a more stable 1.7.7: Rolige, Hlavtox, k0lv, joemugen, simondaigre, prestamodule agency, clotaire202 from 202-ecommerce agency, olecorre from ohweb agency. Thank you!

Like them, please test this new beta 2 and give us your feedback!