We are happy to announce PrestaShop is officially available! is available!

This release is our biggest yet. More than 1300 merged Pull Requests in 600 days, almost 120 contributors, two betas, one release candidate. Was it worth it? We absolutely think so and hope that you will enjoy using it. By the way, we know this release was expected in early 2020, there will be a build article explaining what happened this year.

New in


The full redesign and the new features of order pages help merchants to make a better use of their time and to stay focus on their online business.

The redesign of the user interface allows merchants to find the right information quickly while the new features allow a better efficiency on daily tasks and avoid back and forth between pages.

order pages

Growth and flexibility

PrestaShop is an international solution and we aim to provide localized features for users worldwide.

The international improvements remove barriers to go international and help merchants reach more customers.

The fuzzy search improves both the user experience and the conversion rate with a new search algorithm that takes misspellings or error inputs into account.

fuzzy search

In order to allow merchants to have all the currencies they need to meet the expectations of every customer, they can now add new official and non official currencies (e.g. local or custom) to their store and customize their display per language as desired.



We keep improving PrestaShop’s architecture and technology with the Symfony migration. 15 new pages have been migrated (including the order pages), completing almost 55% of the back office migration.


More than 160 bugs have been fixed in the release (vs 110 in, including 11 highly expected bug fixes, 5 front office notable fixes, and 5 back office notable fixes.

This new version also brings support for PHP 7.3!

Notable fixes since RC1

Order page (Back-office)




IMPORTANT NOTE if you plan on upgrading your shop to 1.7.7 and your current version is below 1.7.6 you need to use the latest version (4.11.0) of our 1-Click Upgrade module. Of course it’s always recommended to use the latest version when upgrading but even more so in this case since a bug related to upgrading from these older versions has been fixed in the module.


24 pull requests have been merged since the RC1 and 22 issues have been fixed. Read the Changelog for details. This brings us to more than 1300 merged pull requests for the milestone, it is definitely our biggest yet.

If you are looking for more details about all changes and new features expected in 1.7.7, the 1.7.7 beta version release note is the perfect article for you to read!


You can download PrestaShop here:

Download PrestaShop now!

PrestaShop is also available through the 1-Click Upgrade module.

Known issues

The following known regressions will be fixed in upcoming patch versions.

Orders page (Back-office)




PrestaShop is above all a community project: from the 119 committers who contributed to this release, the vast majority are not directly affiliated with the PrestaShop company. Also, 57 people contributed for their first time to PrestaShop in this version!

All contributors:

123monsite-regis, 202 ecommerce, Abdullah, Adib Aroui, Aitbella Mohamed, Alexis Haumaitre, Amazzing, andromaque, Antoine Damiron, Antoine Thomas, Ashish Sharawat, Aude, Aurélien Pelletier, Benjamin, Benjamin Dussouillez, Boubker Bribri, Christian Kubitza, Christophe Zarebski, cirykpopeye, Clotaire Renaud, Codencode, ComonSoft, Damian Dominella, Daniel Hlavacek, Daniel Ziegenberg, Darius Aleksiunas, David Gonzalez, Dheeraj Sharma, Dinesh Badrukhiya, Dmitry, Florentin Garnier, Florian Bergeron, Florian Le Gars, Florian Lemaitre, Franck Lefèvre, François Peyret, Gavin Kalikapersaud, hacchus, Harlock, Horia Rudan, Ibrahima Sow, idnovate, JBWModules, Jean-François Viguier, Jevgenij Visockij, Jocelyn Fournier, Jonas Erixon, Jonathan François, Jonathan Lelievre, Jonathan Vollebregt, Julian Eberius, Julien Gissinger, Julius Žukauskas, Justinas Urbanavicius, Karel Faille, Khouloud Belguith, Klemart3D, Krystian Podemski, ks129, Laurynas Sedys, Louise Bonnard, Luc Vandesype, Manfredi Petruso, Marek Hanuš, Marion François, Marvin Sauraye, Mateusz Furga, Mathias Reker, Mathieu Ferment, Matthias Raigne, Matthieu Rolland, Maxim Krizhanovsky, Mehdi Badrani, Michael Voříšek, Mickaël Andrieu, mushroot, Nesrine Abdmouleh, okom3pom, Pablo Borowicz, Paulo Baptista, Peeyush Agrawal, Pierre Rambaud, pojebunny, Presta Module, Prestashark.eu, Prestaworks, PrestaworksNiklas, PululuK, Puma, Raimondas Sapola, Raúl Jiménez, Rinku Kazeno, Rodrigo Laurindo, Rokas Zygmantas, Rolige eCommerce Solutions, Roman Ondráček, seleda, Sergio Quiñonez, Simon Garny, Simone, Stephane Decisy, Sylvestre Nicky, Sébastien Bareyre, Tadas Davidsonas, Tanguy Salmon, Thomas Baccelli, Thomas L’huillier, Thomas Leviandier, Thomas Nabord, Tomas Ilginis, Tuni-Soft, Valentin Szczupak, venditdevs, Vincent Hadjedj, Vladimir, Web Premiere, webmak, Yannick Armand, Šarūnas Jonušas

A huge thanks to everyone involved in this version! Thank you again for helping improve the lives of more than 300,000 online merchants with ideas, improvements, and fixes!