The first Beta version for PrestaShop is now ready for you to test!

Prestashop BETA Release

We are really happy to announce that we are close to releasing

Over 6 months in the making, PrestaShop will be a huge release, our biggest one yet, with over 600 merged Pull Requests at the time of writing.

As they say, an image is worth a thousand words, so here’s a graph to show how this beta compares with previous final releases in terms of number of contributions:

Merged PRs by versions

As you can see, this beta release is about 25% bigger than 1.7.5 right now and roughly 3x as big as 1.7.3… and we are still one month away from final! The community has also been very present for 1.7.6. A whopping 110 people (from the PS team and the community at large) contributed code to create this version, including 60 new contributors.

Merged PRs by versions

This Beta release is a great opportunity for you to start working with it before we release a stable version. Go download and install this Beta version as a test store, either on your machine or your web hosting, then play with it – and give us your feedback! We need you to test this new version of PrestaShop.

If you find regressions compared to previous versions, please create an issue on Github to help us to make it stable more quickly.

Remember, this beta version is pre-release software. Do not use it on your production shop!

News & improvements

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization for combination products:

  • All combinations now have the parent product’s URL as canonical,
  • Going to the parent product’s URL displays the default combination, there is no redirection anymore #13009

Front Office improvements

  • Improved Catalog mode: for showcase websites, you can now choose to display or to hide product prices on the website
  • Price & taxes project #9703 for a better and clearer display of the order price details (product, shipping, taxes, etc.) on all steps of the checkout :
    • Bug fixes for B2B, specific customer groups and no tax configurations
    • Front office improvements on add to cart pop up, cart price details, order confirmation #13047

IPop up cart improvements

  • Many front office design bugs have been fixed and some integration improvements have been made:
    • Footer : fix bug on contact email when it is too long
    • Products :
      • Improve “web only” label display
      • Fix image dimensions in Product Card view
    • Checkout : Limit carrier image size on all steps of the checkout for a better display

Back office new features and optimizations

  • In order to gather all prices in the same place, a “Price (tax incl.)” column has been added to your products list. In one glance, you can now get both tax included and excluded prices for each of your products

Improved Prices and Taxes display

  • The Design section of your back office has been redesigned. Now you are able to have an overview of all design features (RTL, logos, favicon and theme) and manage them the way you want.

Design section redesigned

  • Improved employee profile menu in the back office
    • Five new tabs added: Resources, Training, Find an expert, PrestaShop Marketplace and Help center
    • Your avatar image is now displayed
  • Several back office design issues have been fixed or improved:
    • Fix quantity placeholder issue in the Stock management listing
    • Improved mobile display in the back office
  • Several helper cards have been added on specific pages of the back office to help new merchants get a quicker onboarding on PrestaShop

More Helpers Cards in the BO

Other improvements

  • New “modern” template design and wording for all transactional emails along with a new email template generation system and a new back office page dedicated to email management (in Design > Email theme)

New & improved core modules

  • Faceted search: The module has been massively refactored and new features have been added, including the awaited price slider on the website (available after the beta)
  • Customer reviews with rich snippets: new module available for 1.7.6 (available after the beta)
  • Image Slider module improved for a better display on all devices

The technical side

Technical improvements

  • Support of legacy translations of modules in Translations Manager of BO #11321
  • Support for translation in modules’ twig templates
  • Nightly builds and nightly board
  • Support of Doctrine for modules and annotated Entities (both Front and Back-office) #12564
  • Price computation are now covered by Integration tests powered by Behat (human-readable tests) #12634
  • New mail template system based on Twig, along with a new generation system which avoids downloading all the mail templates; will allow easier customization in the future versions
  • Performance:
    • Improve employee authorization process
    • Cache introduced when loading modules
  • Support of multiple grids on the same page
  • New CLDR standard implementation: improved localization of prices and amounts, will allow creating custom currencies in future versions
  • Web services:
    • Product customization is now reachable #11938
    • Product combination information in Pack content is now available #12329

Notable fixes

  • Fixed minimum order in the second currency #9665
  • Dni field is required if the associated country needs it #9891
  • Calculate carrier price on the real order price #9540
  • Cart rules not applied if the cart contains only virtual products #10264
  • Hook reseted during upgrade #11873
  • Catalog mode correctly hides prices and cart, a new option allows displaying prices while disabling orders #11688
  • Enhanced security checks for virtual goods #12023
  • The number of SQL requests to get the employee authorizations has been significantly reduced #12914
  • Checkout doesn’t proceed automatically from carrier selection to payment selection #12456

The complete list of bugs fixed for is available on Github.


New hooks

  • displayProductActions (Product page, close to the “Add to cart” button, #13103)
  • displayPersonalInformationTop (Checkout funnel, before the customer login form, #13103)
  • additionalCustomerAddressFields (In CustomerAddressFormatter, #9132)
  • actionProductFlagsModifier (Allows to customize product flags, #11614)
  • Form hooks
  • Kpi hooks #12706
  • Mail generator hooks
    • actionListMailThemes
    • actionGetMailThemeFolder
    • actionBuildLayoutVariables
    • actionGetMailLayoutTransformations

Improved hooks

  • actionProductAdd now receives id_product_old when duplicating a product

Symfony Migration - new pages

  • Catalog > Categories
  • Catalog > Categories > Add new / edit category
  • Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands > Add new brand
  • Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Suppliers (will be hidden)
  • Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands
  • Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands > Add new brand address
  • Catalog > Brand & Suppliers > Brands > View brand
  • International > Localization > Currencies
  • International > Localization > Currencies > Add new / edit currency
  • International > Localization > Languages
  • International > Localization > Languages > Add new / edit language
  • International > Taxes > Taxes
  • International > Taxes > Taxes > Add new / edit tax
  • Design > Theme & Logo
  • Design > Theme & Logo > Add new theme
  • Design > Theme & Logo > Choose layouts
  • Design > Pages
  • Design > Pages > Add new / edit page
  • Design > Pages > Add new / edit page category
  • Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees
  • Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees > Profiles
  • Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees > Profiles > Add new profile
  • Advanced Parameters > Team > Employees > Add new employee
  • Advanced Parameters > Webservice > Add new webservice key
  • Shop parameters >Traffic & SEO > SEO & URL > Add new / edit page
  • Shop parameters > Contact > Contacts
  • Shop parameters > Contact > Contacts > Add new / edit contact
  • Customers > Customers
  • Customers > Customers > Add new / edit customer
  • Customers > Customers > View customer

Breaking or risky changes

  • The new CLDR implementation replaces the old one #12999. Some breaking changes were needed:

    • The Currency ObjectModel is now multilingual
    • The IcanBoogie/CLDR library has been removed
    • Calls to Tools::getCldr() throw a PrestaShopException
    • The namespace “PrestaShop\PrestaShop\Core\Cldr” has been removed
    • The CLDR files in the “/translations” directory have been removed
  • Import:

    • You no longer can just add categories to current categories with import to a force ID. You will have to set them all and the first will become the default_category. #10930)
  • Replaced library:

    • PhpExcel (no longer supported) has been replaced by PHPSpreadsheet #11246)
  • Version comparison #12251:

    • AppKernel::MAJOR_VERSION is now “7” instead of “17”.
    • “1.2.4” is no longer greater than “” (the latter is now interpreted as “2.3.4”)
  • Endpoints other than index.php have been deprecated #12708):

    • All BO endpoints now require a token
    • AdminModelAdapter.php now requires the Router in its constructor
  • The following currencies are no longer available:

    • BYR: Belarusian Ruble (2000–2016)
    • LTL: Lithuanian Litas (end 2014-12-31)
    • STD: São Tomé & Príncipe Dobra (end 2017-12-31)
  • Other:

    • Slashes are no longer removed from $_GET and $_POST variables #11962
    • src/Core/Addon/Module/ModuleManager.php::_construct() receives an instance of CacheClearerInterface instead of CacheClearer #12022
    • Permissions for files created by PrestaShop are no longer set to 0777. Permissions are now set to 0755 for directories and 0644 for files.
    • To prevent having jQuery included twice, It is no longer possible to add jQuery in BO controllers based on the new theme using addJquery() #12716
    • Error messages are no longer html escaped #12788

Known Issues

Incomplete Improvements

  • Better alert for customer creation and customer info edit forms #13640


  • Some native modules wordings do not have domain #13476
  • Bulk action & the Select all doesn’t work in the SQL manager page #13620
  • BO - We can create a new customer successfully without setting required field “Partner offers” #13556
  • ToggleColumn option name changed between 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 #13544
  • Catalog > Monitoring > Empty categories list status toggling action not working #13541
  • Message with gift wrapping option in order not display in back office #13478
  • Strange behavior when we are moving the mouse under the “Status” label #12068
  • Private comment in Order #13428
  • New theme & logo page - Design fixes #13467
  • Old admincustomer URL in notifications #13450
  • Discount line not always removed during checkout #12969
  • Vertically align the pagination system components #12392
  • Help isn’t displayed on add customer page #13449
  • An exception is displayed when we try to upload in the logo section with an image which has a not recognized format #13729
  • Tax excl column in catalog page doesn’t take into account specific prices #13731


You can download PrestaShop 1.7.6 beta here:  

Download PrestaShop 1.7.6 beta now!

How to help finish the 1.7.6

Your help will be very appreciated to finish the work on PrestaShop 1.7.6. Even if you are not a developer, your feedback has a lot of value.

You can:

  If everything is working well, comment this article to tell us, and share on social networks, we also need this feedback.