Contributing to PrestaShop is not only about the code, it’s also about taking part in the PrestaShop translation project! This report tells you how the translations of the software evolved in November.

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Project news

🚀 Further international

Since we want to keep PrestaShop as a growing international software, a rework has been driven this summer on all 1.7 localization packs; first to gather all the information they contain and then to optimize it. In short, regarding the translation, new supported languages will be added to the software (Khmer, Malagasy, Tagalog, and Uzbek) and the installer will benefit from a couple of extra translations (Albanian and Korean).

If this topic interests you, or want to make things progress, you definitely should have a look at the dedicated EPIC here on GitHub and contribute if you feel we have missed something or if you can push solutions on your side. And thanks a million to those who already participate, you are the best!

🐣 Khmer and Uzbek to grow bigger

Good news: the Khmer translation project is back on track and waiting for you to get bigger. Now I’m doing my best to have the language supported for the next version, PrestaShop 1.7.7, due at the beginning of 2020. Once supported, the validated translations would be available in the software. Another good idea will be to make the Installer file reach 100%, this way we will be able to add Khmer to the installation wizard.

And this brings us to our second point: the Uzbek! All Install files are translated but not 100% validated, which prevents us from including this language to the installer. If you are an Uzbek native speaker (or just lover), come on and help us complete the project to make it available for merchants!

💕 Special thanks to newcomers

Many people subscribe to the project(s) of their choice each month, but not so many starts translating straight away. For that reason, we would like to thank the ones that kind of rush into the effort immediately, aha! So a lot of love to the dedicated butler1233, Chaksaray, Enrique García (quiquegarcia), Goodboy27, Kalim By (bykalim), LEE KHEANG (leekheang), Leng Vannarith (VANNARITH), Niniboy Nath (laynath242), ricopvz, tistrace, and TuxyVarman. See you soon on Crowdin… and PrestaShop. ;-)

A few stats

  • 38 members were active on the project this month.
  • A total of 21,047 words have been translated and 15,675 validated.
  • All this in 31 different languages.

Thank you for your involvement!

Top contributors

A lot of you are working every day on Crowdin to have PrestaShop available in many languages, and we can’t thank you enough for your dedication! Here are the most active translators and proofreaders for November 2019.

Top 10 translators in November:

Translator Language # Words
  1. | Tantely R. (rabtaray) | Malagasy | 5,568
  2. | Enrique García (quiquegarcia) | Spanish, Mexico | 4,425
  3. | M. Mirena (mmirena) | Albanian | 2,142
  4. | butler1233 | English, United Kingdom | 1,678
  5. | ricopvz | Portuguese | 1,518
  6. | Leng Vannarith (VANNARITH) | Khmer | 766
  7. | Cha (cafetango) | Chinese Traditional | 745
  8. | orjwan.albhr | Arabic | 656
  9. | LEE KHEANG (leekheang) | Khmer | 584
  10. | xanvieiro | Galician | 513

Top 10 proofreaders in November:

Proofreader Language # Words
  1. | Tantely R. (rabtaray) | Malagasy | 5,514
  2. | Enrique García (quiquegarcia) | Spanish, Mexico | 5,016
  3. | M. Mirena (mmirena) | Albanian | 2,411
  4. | 雅丶涵 (anglesgirlcn) | Chinese Simplified | 1,015
  5. | Cha (cafetango) | Chinese Traditional | 745
  6. | Rodrigo Laurindo (rblaurin) | Portuguese, Brazilian | 381
  7. | Sretko Devič (Chico) | Slovenian | 172
  8. | TuxyVarman | Khmer | 127
  9. | Rolf Fuchs (higgs77) | German | 93
  10. | Filip Filipović (filipfilipovic) | Croatian | 71

Congrats, and welcome to our new top contributors!

Remember, you can see who’s been contributing to our translation project thanks to the Translators page.

Complete translations

Fully translated languages

At the end of November 2019, PrestaShop 1.7.6 was fully available (= 100% translated and validated) in 14 languages:

| Czech | Dutch | English | Greek | | French | Italian | Lithuanian | Norwegian | | Polish | Portuguese, Brazil | Romanian | Slovak | | Slovene | Swedish |

Languages with the best evolution

In comparison with October 2019, the following languages had the best progress thanks to the translation community:

  • Spanish, Mexico (+11% to reach 61% approved)
  • Albanian (+6% to reach 32% approved)
  • English, United Kingdom (+4% to reach 6% translated)

Best translation progress for November 2019

Thanks to all the contributors!

Of course, this is highlighting the languages that made some progress with new translations; but it doesn’t mean that the languages that aren’t mentioned here aren’t active. Indeed, some editing and rewriting could be going on, but the percentage of translation wouldn’t be modified (since it’s working on strings that are already translated). So let’s not forget about the work of these proofreaders! Thank you too!

Languages that need (more) proofreaders

A translated string will not be available in PrestaShop as long as it is not validated. For this reason, it’s important we should keep a good level of validated strings vs. translated strings, to make sure everyone benefits from the latest translations!

At the end of November 2019, some languages would still benefit from some proofreading:

  • Spanish, Argentina (93% translated vs 13% validated).
  • Galician (95% vs 59%).
  • Spanish, Venezuela (48% vs 14%).
  • Chinese Simplified (95% vs 66%).
  • Tagalog (51% vs 26%).

Languages that need proofreading

If you wish to help to proofread what has been translated, please contact us with the language you’d like to proofread: just send an email to [email protected]. We need your help!

If you haven’t joined us on Crowdin yet, it’s never too late!

If you want to gather your fellow translators to work towards a better harmonization, start a glossary, or anything else, do let us know: we’ll include a word about it in the next monthly report.

Do you have a question, a remark? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. See you next month!