PrestaShop is now available. It fixes an important bug introduced in

  • A backported patch from 1.7.x was missing a line of code. This issue is not noticeable right away, but it can block a shop after a short number of days. Shops in must upgrade to as soon as possible.

Download PrestaShop now!

Here is the complete list of changes for

  • Core:
    • Bug fix:
      • #10921: Missing class const on cert refresh

Contributor to this patch versions, from the Core team: Thomas Nabord.

A very special thanks to Doekia on the forum for the original report.

Since version is a “patch” update to version, upgrading from any 1.6.1 version will be easy: features will work better, and modules & themes which worked fine on 1.6.1.x will work just as well with
Upgrades from a standard 1.6.x version should work just as well.