Following up on both last Friday’s HNY post and last Monday’s lookback on the translation project, here’s an infographic presenting a few stats on the PrestaShop project, from GitHub and the Forge!

This visual look back on the PrestaShop GitHub project and the 1.7 Project on our Forge bugtracker is a way to present the contribution from the community to the improvement of this e-commerce solution. In comparison to the HNY numbers, we added a couple of Forge tidbits.

Thank you all for your involvement :)

PrestaShop translation project in 2016

A couple more stats didn’t make in time for the infographic:

  • In 2016, the community created 785 tickets on the 1.7 Project.
  • 178 of those community-created tickets are still to be addressed – of which only 23 are blocking/critical/major tickets.

We keep working on handled PRs and Forge tickets better. Expect good things from 2017!

Once again, this lovely design was made by our very ownTristan Lehot, Product Designer at PrestaShop.