Looking to have an impact on +270.000 users all at once? Look no further! PrestaShop is always willing to hire new talents, and this special post will point to some specific roles we are looking to add to our current roster.

Always hiring?!

First and foremost: we are always looking to add members to the team, most particularly PHP developers – but not limited to that!

So if you find yourself wandering around aimlessly in Paris, come visit us! We’ll be sure to offer you fresh croissant (if your early enough), and handful of cat hair (Puff! Get off my desk!), and friendly talk with our HR team. Bring a CV!

(most of our job openings are in central Paris, France)

Which technical roles?

Note that there are other roles open. We’ll only list the technical ones here, but do click this link to find more!

Core team

The Core team is in charge of improving the e-commerce software used by hundreds of thousands of online stores.
This team is always on the look for new talent to bring onboard. All year round!

If you are a senior PHP developer, knowledgeable in both Symfony and Composer, with a hint of frontend experience (we use Vue.js, jQuery+vanilla JS, Bootstrap4 and Webpack), then you should join in on the fun! We currently have one offer online, but in truth we are looking for 4-5 more Core developers in order to boost our various projects!

Product team

Those are the ones in charge of defining how PrestaShop will evolving, depending on best practices, user surveys, community feedback and new customer behaviors.

The team is currently looking for:

  • A senior UX/UI Designer. Come take charge of the way merchants interact with their back office, implement the latest best practices in e-commerce into the front office, and the leader of all things design in our various projects!
  • Product Managers. Do you know how to survey your domain, separate the wheat from the chaff, create user stories and UI/UX briefs, prioritize and build a roadmap from all that information, depending on the available manpower? Then we have many projects for you to impact!
  • A Developer Evangelist. If you’re a developer looking to expand into tech community leadership, then this is for you. Be the voice for the Core team both online and at events, survey the community, help with pull requests, create documentation and tools, and anything that empowers the contributors!

.com team

Our online presence is built by a small team that is looking to grow:

  • A Front-End Developer. Mastering Drupal, jQuery and Bootstrap are only part of the ideal. In this role, you’ll be able to do A/B Testing, improve the UI/UX, and explore analytics, all in an agile environment.
  • A Back-End/Drupal Developer. You know Drupal (and WordPress), understand JavaScript, have already worked with APIs and enjoy tinkering for performance? Then go for it!

What’s in there for me?

  • An awesome team spirit
  • Some real technical challenges (if you’re here, you’ve probably read what we’re technically up to)
  • The tools of your choice: PhpStorm? Great! vim? Awesome! Atom? Sublime! Windows/Linux? We got ya covered!
  • Great offices at the heart of Paris’ tech scene
  • A fluffy mascot named Puff
  • Frequent team buildings and informal activities (music, sports, meetups)
  • A tasty welcome each morning (fruits, pastries)

Sometimes an image is worth thousands words. Joining the PrestaShop means become a part of this:

Yep, the PrestaCrew likes to have some fun

Let’s get serious

If this all sounds good to you, you can directly contact Charlotte, our amazing HR Manager, to let her know you want to join the team!

Charlotte Clément
[email protected]