PrestaShop is now available. This maintenance release closes 29 of the most pressing issues reported since v1.7.0.0 was released.

The new version is within our plan to release more regular and focused patch versions: packing a few specific fixes (in order to limit regression potential) in regular releases. All this is done thanks in no small part to our SemVer-like versioning and the 1-Click Upgrade module (update it if you haven’t already done it for!).

We are therefore happy to deliver the fourth “patch” release of PrestaShop Version 1.7 of PrestaShop continues to be explored by the community, and we keep working at fixing critical and major issues that were discovered since the release of v1.7.0.0, making regular fixes to the codebase. Prepare yourself to see more patch releases in the coming weeks while we review the feedback from the community!

Download now!

Want to upgrade using the 1-Click Upgrade module? Make sure to upgrade the module itself first! This way you will have access to a new, 1.7-specific channel, which makes upgrading safer for merchants. Upgrading from to should be smooth as silk – but do a safety backup anyway :)

Here are the changes:

  • Back office:

    • Bug fixes:
      • 7303 Add some test before use finfo
      • 7292 Fix log page email hint
      • 7295 Fix the customer thread timeline display
      • 7118 Add parent menu permission if sub-menu is selected
      • 7252 Fix product page ajax calls when url contains numbers
      • 7193 Fix modules translation form
      • 7271 Fix import theme for windows & special name
      • 7267 Fix preview button action
  • Front office:

    • Bug fixes:
      • 7286 Use the right wording when guest is disabled
      • 7195 Fix wrong displayed discount when it’s higher than price
      • 7162 Add error message when ordering number of item greater than quantity
      • 7186 Always return a current order state
      • 7185 Fix quick view in safari browser
      • 7276 Add option with product to getManufacturer, getSupplier
      • 7278 Do not let Classic override jQuery
      • 7266 Fix category images generation
      • 7248 Fix multishop popup design
      • 7297 Fix clean filter event handler
  • Core:

    • Bug fixes:
      • 7310 Protect translated strings from XSS
      • 7114 Set curl as main solution and fopen as fallback
      • 7279 Fix escaped translations
      • 7275 Fix module translations priority
      • 7263 Fix module uninstall when overridden file is missing
      • 7194 Fix issue on translations without params
  • Installer:

    • Bug fixes:
      • 7307 Fix croatian install adding quick_access
      • 7296 Adding missing tabs in IT + VN + SR, and other tab updates
      • 7274 Fix installer in Canadian and catalog cache
      • 7284 Fix localization install for language not in data/lang
      • 7294 Use the right locale for French Canadian

The PrestaShop changelog is available.

Since version is a “patch” update to version, upgrading from that version will be easy: features will work better, and modules & themes which worked fine on will work just as well with