There are many ways to connect with the PrestaShop team. From support requests to development contributions, we’re here to work with you!

Since we’re an open source company, there are a number of places where we collaborate with the PrestaShop community. For new and old community members alike, it’s helpful to have this information in one place.

Without further ado, this is how we can work together!






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Getting support

Whether it’s getting started, understanding product features, setting up your shop or knowing the best practices, there are many reasons why you might need support as a merchant.

Here are a few ways to get answers to your questions:

Contacting our teams

Reporting issues to the Core team

No software is perfect, and PrestaShop is no exception. Our team spends its whole time creating features, testing behaviors and fixing bugs: it’s a year-long process.

We’d love to have you on the team! Join the ranks of users who help to improve PrestaShop: provide us with detailed report of any reproducible issue you stumble upon, and we’ll do our best to get it fixed!

Please use this reference guide to better understand what makes a great Github issue.

Then, create your report for the right context. The Core team will review your report and answer back with any questions and /or ideas.

Thank you for your contribution and support to the PrestaShop community!

We also have a Slack chat for you to join, where you can chat with other contributors, and where the team sometimes hangs out :)

Talking to the Addons team about bought modules/themes

Do you need help with a purchased module or theme from Addons? The best way to get your message through is to contact the original developer through the Addons contact form.

If the developer does not answer in a timely fashion, let us know, using the same form.

Helping the i18n improve the translation

If you find that a section of the software (or its native modules) is badly translated, you can help by suggesting a new translation for your language!

All the community translation work happens on the Crowdin platform. Create an account, and you can start your translations right away!

If you found a text string that is simply not translatable, you can create a Forge issue (see above), or mail the team: [email protected] .

Contributing to the User documentation

The PrestaShop documentation has dozens of chapters and hundreds of pages of content. Most likely we have some typos here and there. We might need some updates as well. Have you seen such an issue? If so, let us know, send us an email at [email protected]

The documentation site is also a wiki, so you can fix an issue directly!

You will need an account for that: contact the team at [email protected] and they will email you back.

Contributing to the 1.7 Developer/Designer documentation

The PrestaShop 1.7 techdocs (theme & modules) has a dedicated site, generated from static text files in order to be closer to what developers know.

You can contribute to it through the GitHub repository. You can create issues AND pull requests. Thank you!


PrestaShop is an Open Source, and has a great marketplace for creative members of the community: two big reasons for you to contribute!

By helping with the Core code, you build significant knowledge with the codebase, and a strong relationship with the team.

By selling your modules/themes on Addons, you can earn money for your development, and gain exposure for your work. What’s not to like? :)

To the Core

Core contributors are expected to know the PrestaShop technologies and tools in order to best contribute:

Got everything set up? Find the branch you want to work with:

To the Addons catalog

The Addons marketplace has thousands of contributions from the community – and you can sell there too! Read the guide here.

Contributors should read these helpful guides:

If you have any questions, contact the team.

Finally, PrestaShop can support you if you’re developing needed local modules. Learn more about the Integration Fund.

To the Build devblog

“Build” is a blog written by the Core team, which presents news and helpful information for people who contribute to the PrestaShop project.

While most of the articles are written by our team, we welcome contributions! Read the guide here.

Contributions are made through a specific GitHub repository. Would you like us to write about a specific topic? Write to the team with your idea: [email protected] .

Becoming a PrestaShop Partner

Partners are an essential part of the PrestaShop ecosystem, and you too can be an official partner!

To contact an agency/partner manager, go to this URL.

Fill the “Become a partner” form and choose “Agency partner” or “Industry partner” depending on your profile.

Once you are validated as a PrestaShop Partner, you get exclusive benefits and access to the partner extranet, with dedicated contacts.

Becoming an Ambassador

Be part of a network of trusted Community Members who have volunteered to be PrestaShop’s voice in their region.

Our Ambassadors initiate a wide variety of community-building activities. In return, they receive exclusive perks

Visit the ambassadors site!