This edition of the Core Weekly report highlights changes in PrestaShop’s core codebase during the last week, from Monday 5th to Sunday 11th of June 2017.

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General messages

Last week was rather eventful, with the release of both and We’re happy to keep delivering patch versions for the current releases of 1.6 and 1.7, while working on the next minor version,

This week looks to be just as eventful, as the whole company will welcome visitors to the PrestaShop Day 2017 in Paris! Join us and let’s celebrate PrestaShop’s 10 birthday! I myself will be lead the barcamp session – you can still suggest topics!

See you there!

Code changes in the ‘develop’ branch (for

Now let’s review the merged pull-requests on the ‘develop’ branch since the last Core Weekly Report!


  • #7862: Throw module events right after each action and remove reset, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • #7962: Fix wrong keys for cache, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • #7965: Allow .ico to /img, provide error server, by @aleeks.
  • #7966: Use the right array index while getting controller tab name. Thank you @prestamodule!
  • #7984: Fix module loading for upgrade process and version displayed, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • #7991: Fix phpDoc. Thank you @prestaedit!

Back office

  • #7698: Unable to unselect the last image associated to a combination. Thank you @123monsite-regis!
  • #7894: Fix bug when having more than three product image, by @fatmabouchekoua.
  • #7916: Fix min width to select filters, by @fatmabouchekoua.
  • #7922: Fix redirection when filtering in attribute’s value, by @fatmabouchekoua.
  • #7942: Code Optimization, by @kompilorb.
  • #7951: Fix displayed shortcut in product page, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • #7955: Don’t get admin notifications while it’s all disabled. Thank you @prestamodule!
  • #7957: Add Missing space, by @vincentbz.
  • #7964: Fix flush of local cache when adding a new specific price, by @aleeks.
  • #7978: Update diplayed module count on successful uninstall, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • #7980: BO: Fix html tags to get the current ISO country code. Thank you @rubenmartins!
  • #7987: Fallback datepicker if needed, by @aleeks.

Front office

  • #7564: FO: enabling category canonical redirection. Thank you @123monsite-regis!
  • #7566: Send response data to emitted events. Thank you @martinfojtik!
  • #7661: Update wording cart-detailed-actions.tpl. Thank you @nobodaddy!
  • #7780: Allow to define module front controllers layout. Thank you @tonyyb!
  • #7833: Added message delivery information on checkout process, by @aleeks.


  • #7696: Update colombian tax rate. Thank you @jorgevrgs!

Web service

  • #7664: Retrieve text only from selected customization. Thank you @agnessymediane!


  • #7945: Add PHP 7.1 as optional on Travis, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • #7973: Add tests related to auto tab registration, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • #7988: PHP 7.1 mandatory in tests, by @quetzacoalt91.

Thank you to the contributors whose pull requests were merged since the last Core Weekly Report: @123monsite-regis, @martinfojtik, @nobodaddy, @prestaedit, @prestamodule, @rubenmartins and @tonyyb!

Also, thank you to the contributors whose PRs haven’t been merged yet! And of course, a big thank you to all those who contribute with tickets and comments on the Forge!

If you want to contribute to PrestaShop with code, please read these pages first:

…and if you do not know how to fix an issue but wish to report it, please read this: How to use the Forge to contribute to PrestaShop. Thank you!

Happy contributin’ everyone!