These days, the product & dev open-space is quiet but the minds are working like crazy! We’re starting 2016 by giving a huge push on PrestaShop 1.7 and as you’ve read here, that includes a lot of important projects.

We wanted to sum up all this so you can have in one place, an introduction to what’s coming in version 1.7. So, here is a series of videos with the men & women building PrestaShop everyday! :)

And of course, for in-depth information, read on the many articles we wrote -and will write- on the topic here on Build.

Meet Seb, Director of Product Management leading the various PrestaShop 1.7 projects

Meet FM, Product Manager in charge of creating a brand new starter theme

Meet Xavier, Software Architect currently implementing Symfony 2 into PrestaShop

Meet Guillaume, Product Manager now building a better module section

Meet Vincent, Product Manager working on improving the back office interface