This edition of the Core Weekly report highlights changes in PrestaShop’s core codebase during the previous two weeks, from Monday 8th to Sunday 21st of August 2016.

General messages

Are your modules 1.7-ready? Have a tried to create a 1.7 theme? Check the current tech doc!

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Code changes in branch develop (for version

Let’s review the merged pull-requests on the ‘develop’ branch since the last Core Weekly Report!

Text changes

  • 6009: Fix some wording and typos, by @alexeven.
  • 6011: Adding missing space, by @alexeven.

Front office (including the default theme, named “Classic”, based upon the Starter Theme)

  • 5809: Improve template hierarchy, by @julienbourdeau.
  • 5894: New Hook after Login form, by @paeddl.
  • 5959: Product images in front office are now filtered by combination, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 5962: Refactor order-return and order-follow, by @julienbourdeau.
  • 5975: Bring product features in quickview when combinations exist, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • 5981: Fix undefined shipping data on virtual cart, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • 5999: Display discounts by quantity table when applied to combination, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 6002: Filled single customization field at file upload, by @thierrymarianne.
  • 6007: Fix displaying products of the new product page when no product is new, by @fatmabouchekoua.
  • 6017: Fix 404 errors for category, by @julienbourdeau.
  • 6020: Fixed all listing pages, by @julienbourdeau.
  • 6022: Responsive header, by @ishcherbakov.
  • 6029: Move forbidden template to errors folder, by @julienbourdeau.
  • 6039: Fix the discount amount in product details page, by @fatmabouchekoua.

Back office

  • 4703: Align <select> in table headers accordingly. Thank you @mcdado!
  • 5805: Update validate function for catalog price rule name. Thank you @antho-girard!
  • 5937: Adapt product page for 13 inches screens, by @nihco2.
  • 5950: Fix unexpected JS behaviour when fixing price decimals on product page, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • 5952: Fix module install from an upload, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • 5961: Make the buttons and dropdown aligned in the module page, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • 5963: Add password reset url in mail for employee. Thank you @antho-girard!
  • 5964: Moved reference field to first tab (merchant experience), by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 5966: Add “No tax” option in the list of tax rules. Thank you @antho-girard!
  • 5967: Auto-fill filename input for virtual product. Thank you @antho-girard!
  • 5970: Module catalog version updated to 1.7, by @shudrum.
  • 5974: Apply reset actions on specific prices form, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 5977: Remove getCurrentUrtrans() typo, by @xborderie.
  • 5982: Enabled edition of translations messages, by @thierrymarianne.
  • 5983: Remove the translations of Attribute and Attribute group after deleting the language, by @fatmabouchekoua.
  • 5984: Improved specific prices form, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 5985: Refresh KPI when needed in new BO theme, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • 6000: Fix recommended modules popup on old theme, by @quetzacoalt91.
  • 6001: Refresh the combination list on specific rule form, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 6003: Add translation domains to controllers, by @alexeven.
  • 6004: Fixed reset behavior on Product form, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 6006: Improved product type selector, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 6010: Fixed store selection on product creation, by @thierrymarianne.
  • 6013: Catalog / Product page (modules) & Module page integration, by @shudrum.
  • 6025: Adding tooltip to minimum quantity field, by @fatmabouchekoua.
  • 6032: Fixed product save when product type field is disabled, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 6033: Fix trans() parameters number in AdminStores, by @maximebiloe.
  • 6035: Remove useless BO options for stores page, by @julienbourdeau.
  • 6040: Enabled translations search, by @thierrymarianne.


  • 5971: When combination have no images, display all available for the product, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 5972: A price fixed using a specific price rule shouldnt be treated as a discount, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 5980: Fix the no duplication of category’s information in all shop languages, by @fatmabouchekoua.
  • 5986: Document Alias class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5987: Document AddressChecksumCore class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5988: Document AddressFormat class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5989: Document Address class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5990: Document Access class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5991: Document Attachment class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5993: Document AttributeGroup class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5994: Document BlowFish class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 5996: Fixed undefined real value in front/ProductController, by @mickaelandrieu.
  • 6005: Create all PrestaShop cache folders on warmup, by @julienbourdeau.
  • 6012: Fix id_carrier check on module. Thank you @firstred!
  • 6015: Document Carrier class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 6016: Document Cart class. Thank you @firstred!
  • 6018: Replace parameters.yml with parameters.php, by @thierrymarianne.
  • 6019: moving the call to the function renderwidget. Thank you @frederic-benoist!
  • 6027: Introduce trans method into Module class, by @maximebiloe.
  • 6030: Drop ALL the tables during install, even with foreign key contraints, by @maximebiloe.
  • 6036: Fix $with_quotes ignored in ObjectModel::formatValue. Thank you @shagshag!

Web Service

  • 5960: Fix fatal error when uploading product image. Thank you @gerdus!


  • 6038: Add StarterTheme to PrestaShop test suite, by @maximebiloe.


  • 5958: Check if has default values. Thank you @martinfojtik!
  • 5997: Add primary key to carriers2payments table. Thank you @firstred!
  • 6021: Insert the right module name for default orders, by @maximebiloe.

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Thank you to the contributors whose pull requests were merged since the last Core Weekly Report: @antho-girard, @firstred, @frederic-benoist, @gerdus, @martinfojtik, @mcdado, and @shagshag!
Also, thank you to the contributors whose PRs haven’t been merged yet! And of course, a big thank you to all those who contribute with tickets and comments on the Forge!

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