This edition of the Core Weekly report highlights changes in PrestaShop core codebase during the last two weeks, from Monday 15th to Sunday 28st of June, 2015.


The Core team is putting the final touch on version, and the fifth Release Candidate version needs you to test it one last time! Read all about it here! Also, we have a release date: PrestaShop will be released on July 2nd. Yes, that’s this Thursday.

We’ve also announced that we plan on dropping support for version 5.2 and 5.3 of PHP in the next major version (PrestaShop 1.7), since PrestaShop Cloud now exists for those who do not have a quality host!

Take a dive in the improved performances of version, as well as the first monthly report about the translation of PrestaShop!

As a reminder, we recently chose to change our Coding Standards to PSR-2, and to adopt a SemVer-like versioning scheme.

Of note among the merged PRs during these last two weeks:

  • In PR 3190, Lead Developer Jérôme Nadaud changed the position of the demo product option.
  • In PR 3178, contributor Jonathan Danse made it possible to use the success, warning and error notification messages in HelperForm calls.
  • In PR 3234, performance specialist Jocelyn Fournier dove into the code for the Cart and made it much faster: first tests indicate that with 75 unique products, loading time is down from 5 seconds to 1.4 seconds! Thanks also to kpodemski for helping Jocelyn reach that goal!
  • In PR 3086, Jocelyn implemented a Memcached cache based on the PHP::Memcached API. The code was based on initial works by contributor Raphaël Droz: thanks!
  • In PR 3279, Jérôme added a new option for Retina images in the image generator.

Code changes

Let’s review the merged pull-requests from the previous two weeks!

As always, click on the PR’s number to open its page on GitHub.

Text changes

Front office

  • 3026: call autoAddToCart when removing a voucher. Thank you oleacorner!
  • 3185: Prevent loop if auth is set to true in FrontController, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3222: Fix #PSCSX-5573, could not change HOOK_SHOPPING_CART_EXTRA, by gRoussac.
  • 3266: Fix undefined in the page order. Thank you Ladel!
  • 3255: Add title for Recyclable Packaging. Thank you panploenes!
  • 3241: fancybox for CGV with advanced payment api. Thank you PrestaEdit!
  • 3237: indentation and coding style fixes. Thank you panploenes!
  • 3227: Fix #PSCSX-5573, could not change HOOK_SHOPPING_CART_EXTRA, by gRoussac.
  • 3270: unused if statement. Thank you panploenes!
  • 3253: Fix closing tag in smarty. Thank you gskema!
  • 3254: Fix closing tag in smarty. Thank you gskema!
  • 3249: Fix input labels in registration form. Thank you gskema!

Back office

  • 3190: Change demo button position, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3189: The design is broken with a width between 767px and 924px. Thank you arnolem!
  • 3178: HelperForm / Add possibilities to show success, warning and error messages. Thank you PrestaEdit!
  • 3176: Render Payment Add button correctly. Thank you PhpMadman!
  • 3170: Set customizable product iframe CSS, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3182: Fix PSCSX-1856, Labels edition in multishop, by gRoussac.
  • 3197: FixBug #PSCSX-5913 - Wrong column name, by jeromenadaud.
  • 2861: Fix bug #PSCSX-5295, verifyMail less strict on extention length, by gRoussac.
  • 3230: FixBug #PSCSX-1996 - Impossible to disable shop url, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3239: fix PSCSX-5266 - Wrong customer group design, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3096: Fix apcu compatibility, by jocel1.
  • 3265: Fix Bug PSCSX-5805 - wrong module title display, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3262: Fix Bug PSCSX-5806 - Incorrect Module back button URL, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3245: Missing “disabled” attribute in form.tpl for “select” input type (Helpform), by gRoussac.
  • 3240: Fix PSCSX 5919 - JavaScript error with fancy box, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3212: order slip pdf generation : now display tax details, by kelu95.
  • 3279: Fix bug #PSCSX-5364 - Missing retina option, by jeromenadaud.
  • 3275: Fix wrong image resize (PSCSX-5804), by jocel1.
  • 3286: fix warning, by jocel1.
  • 3289: fix issue with image resize when original is smaller than target, by jocel1.
  • 3277: unused if statement. Thank you PrestaEdit!
  • 3290: fix issue with cat creation (PSCSX-5899), by jocel1.




  • 3209: fix bug when generating Pdf delivery slip, by kelu95.


  • 3234: Try to improve cart performances (PSCSX-5943), by jocel1.
  • 3243: Add cacheMemcached, by jocel1. Thank you drzraf for the first pass!


  • 3188: Do not steal the administrator email without permission. Thank you arnolem!
  • 3213: Fix install script for the media servers, by Shudrum.
  • 3214: fix #PSCSX-5676 Small css fix, by gRoussac.
  • 3231: Fix upgrade crashes, by Shudrum.

Web Service

  • 2381: Avoid blank page on webservice authentification fail. Thank you arnolem!
  • 3025: Fixing #PSCSX-5799 => I18n field output when no language is specified in URL. Thank you gleseur!


  • 3218: Fix states node, import failure. Thank you tucoinfo!

See all the PRs merged into the codebase since June the 15th here.

Thank you to our contributors whose Pull Requests were merged these two weeks: arnolem, drzraf, gleseur, gskema, Ladel, oleacorner, panploenes, PhpMadman, PrestaEdit, and tucoinfo. Also, thank you to the contributors whose PRs haven’t been merged yet! And of course, a big thank you to all those who contribute with tickets on the Forge!

If you want to contribute to PrestaShop with code, read those:

…and if you do not know how to fix an issue but wish to report it, read this: How to use the Forge to contribute to PrestaShop. Thank you!

Happy contributin’ everyone!