Hurrah for the 2000th member of our translation project!

PrestaShop reached a new milestone today as we welcomed our 2000th member on the Crowdin project for translation. Let’s welcome sagorretax to the team!

Yep, that’s 2,000 members!

PrestaShop has been using Crowdin for over a year now, here are a few statistic to show how far we’ve gone thanks to YOU!

  • 68 active languages
  • 919 active translators
  • 10,286,373 words translated

Languages with the more translators:

  • Russian - 60 translators
  • Spanish - 44 translators
  • Persian - 42 translators
  • Polish - 36 translators
  • Italian - 35 translators

A massive THANK YOU to all of you who, every day, are helping merchants from all over the world, to have a free e-commerce solution available in many languages! Everyday we’re welcoming new contributors, and it’s amazing.

If you haven’t contributed yet, it’s still possible to join us and translate PrestaShop in Esperanto, Irish, Hindi and many more languages!

Merci !