Here is the new report to inform you of what has been going on PrestaShop translation project on Crowdin this August 2015.

All the figures and statistics are (still) based on the project. Figures were extracted on the 27th of August, so it’s not the full month, but the main trends are here.

As a reminder, we’ve recently changed the workflow on Crowdin, so you should now translate in the “next-version” file in priority. Read all about it here.

Top contributors

A lot of you are working everyday on Crowdin to have PrestaShop available in many languages, and we can’t thank you enough for your dedication! Here are the most active translators and proofreaders for the month of August.

Top 10 translators in August:

Translator Language # Words
  1. | A Petapouca (petapouca) | Galician |7475
  2. | Gabriel Teniță (ggedamed) | Romanian |5478
  3. | inforsol | Spanish| 2970
  4. | Stanislav Yordanov (StanProg) | Bulgarian |2039
  5. | Henry Wong (monkeyjr) | Chinese (Trad.) | 1862
  6. | ahmed82 | Arabic |1856
  7. | Monika (monikaraciunaite) | Lithuanian |1624
  8. | Tomáš Hink (tomas254) | Czech |1592
  9. | Daniel Valente (dgv) | Portuguese (BR) |1461
  10. | ali_sed | Persian |1412

Top 10 proofreaders in August:

Proofreader Language # Words
  1. | Gabriel Teniță (ggedamed) | Romanian |6304
  2. | Evgenij Sobolev (evgenij_sobolev) | Ukrainian |5735
  3. | Tomáš Hink (tomas254) | Czech | 3540
  4. | Daniel Valente (dgv) | Portuguese (BR) |2610
  5. | Stanislav Yordanov (StanProg) | Bulgarian | 2031
  6. | Gytis Šk (gytis) | Lithuanian |1665
  7. | Danni Afasyah (prestanesia) | Indonesian |1283
  8. | Cha (cafetango) | Chinese (Trad.) |989
  9. | eleazar | German |908
  10. | Mario (marionetarh) | Spanish |810

A big applause to them! And welcome to our new top contributors!

Fully translated languages

At the end of August, PrestaShop was fully available (= 100% translated and validated) in 12 languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Croatian
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Swedish

98-99% translated languages

…and almost fully translated (and validated) in the following 7 languages:

  • Czech
  • Lithuanian
  • Persian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese BR
  • Spanish

Languages with the best evolution

In comparison with the previous month, these languages had the best progress in August:

  • Galician (+61% to reach 21% translated)
  • Arabic (+9% to reach 37% translated)
  • Azerbaijaini (+6% to reach 17% translated)
  • Basque (+6% to reach 19% translated)
  • Czech (+5% to reach 98% translated)

August 2015 best translation progress

Congratulations to all our contributors for the hard work!!

We also have new active languages: thanks to translators who joined us to translate in Galician, Spanish (Colombia, Peru), Malay, and welcome to the team!

Languages that need (more) proofreaders

As you might know, a translated string will not be available in PrestaShop as long as it is not validated. For this reason, it’s important we should keep a good level of validated strings vs. translated string, to make sure everyone benefits from the latest translations!

These languages (still) need you as proofreaders as well:

  • Turkish (97% translated vs 0% validated)
  • Slovak (75% vs 25%)
  • Ukrainian (92% vs 48%)
  • Finnish (76% vs 50%)
  • Vietnamese (42% vs 16%)

August 2015 best translation progress

If you wish to help proofreading what has been translated, please contact me on Crowdin with the language you’d like to proofread. We need your help!

A word from the community

Here is an update on the latest initiatives from members of the translation community.

Austrian German

We’ve been asked to add this new language as, for example, legal terminology in Austrian German can differ from the German. It is based on the available German translation, so that only strings whose translation is different from the German one should be translated. If you want to help translating PrestaShop in Austrian German, join us!


  • 79 contributors joined the project this month, for a total of 2,130 members at the end of August. Welcome to them!
  • 160 members (including PrestaShop employees) were active on the project this month (+76%). This is getting big!
  • A total of 55,037 words have been translated and 34,167 validated, in 46 different languages. It means less words translated and validated than the previous month (hey, we’ve all been enjoying the summer break!), but more active languages than the previous months! The community is growing, and this is great. :)

Again, we can’t thank you enough!

If you haven’t joined us on Crowdin yet, it’s never too late!

If you want to gather your fellow translators to work towards a better harmonization, start a glossary, or anything else, do let us know: we’ll include a word about it in the next monthly report.

Do you have a question, a remark? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

See you next month!