It’s not always easy to begin translating PrestaShop when the project has already been started by other contributors. To help you get on board, and to guide you with your first translations, here are 10 quick rules to follow if you want to make sure your contributions will be validated!

  1. Make sure you know the context. Is it for the merchant? the customer? on which page is it? When will it show?

  2. Respect existing translations and vocabulary. Look what has been done before and use the same words.

  3. Use most common words that best fit your language usage. No need to search for fancy words, write as merchants speak in your language.

  4. Keep the punctuation as it is. But adapt to your languages requirements when needed.

  5. Pay attention to special characters and variables. Preserve meaning and location, e.g. “There are %d errors.” – the %d should be where your language requires it to be.

  6. Harmonize. Use the same translations throughout your work.

  7. Use the glossary and comments to guide you, add to it if needed. Look at “Comments” and “Terms”.

  8. Adapt to your local market if necessary. Free yourself from the English version.

  9. Ask if you’re not sure; Leave a comment, ask your fellow translators :)

  10. Report if you see anything wrong. Open an issue if you spot a mistake!

Happy translatin'!