PrestaShop Developer Conference
PrestaShop Developer Conference
Paris, France - November 30, 2023
Let's talk code, commerce and open source.
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  • Multistore feature in PrestaShop 1.7.8: What's new?

    Introducing the revamp of the multistore

    With the release of the new version 1.7.8 which is in progress, this article details one of the main features revamps of this version: the multistore.

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  • Results of community survey – April 2021

    Thank you for your feedback about the open source project and the contributions

    The core product team carried out a survey in April, concerning the open source project and the community. The goal of this survey was to better know and understand the pains and the wishes of the community about the open source project.

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  • Community survey – April 2021

    Give your feedbacks about the open source project and the contributions

    The core product team is currently carrying out a survey oriented around the open-source project for the community.

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  • Introducing a new bug severity classification

    Discover how issues related to PrestaShop software are qualified and prioritized

    According to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a bug is an “event that is not part of the standard operation of a service and causes an unplanned interruption or decrease the quality of service”. And it is everybody’s job to chase them all!

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