Friendly reminder, the next session of public demonstration from the maintainers team will happen Wednesday, August 4, 2021 at 4pm CEST!

We expect to present 2 topics:

  • First a focus on Release candidate process and timeline by @marionf
  • Then a Focus on some RC1 most interesting bug fixes:
    • bug #25332: a display issue for product details when using a specific layout, presented by @matthieu-rolland
    • bug #24103: adding payment with comma would fail in Order Back office page, presented by @matks
    • bug #24143: a error happened when visting a disabled category page, presented by @matks

Join us on YouTube!

The session will be kept in record on YouTube, so that even if you can’t attend to the live stream, you will still be able to catch up later.

See you then!