Big news! Translations for PrestaShop 1.7 are now available on Crowdin.

It means you can start translating PrestaShop 1.7, to make sure it’s available in your language when this new major version is released!

Translate PrestaShop 1.7

As a reminder, PrestaShop 1.7 is still in Beta phase.

Here is what you need to know about the 1.7 translations.

1. There is a new translation system, which uses domains

Please read this full article to know more about it. The big changes are that:

  • There will be more files in Crowdin
  • These files will have less strings than the 1.6 ones
  • They will provide more context
  • And we’ve done our best to reduce duplicated strings (= that’s less strings to translate)

2. Any string already translated in 1.6 and still in 1.7 will be marked as translated in 1.7 too

We’ve taken advantage of Crowdin’s translation memory system to make sure we don’t lose any translation. If a string is the same in 1.6 and 1.7, and it is already translated, it will show as translated in 1.7. No need to do the same work twice!

For the languages which are already 100% translated for 1.6, it means that only the new 1.7-specific strings will need to be translated. That’s mostly the new theme, the new Modules page and the new Product page: only 20% of the current project (about 7,700 words to translate, to be exact!).

3. Everything isn’t there yet…

… but it’s coming! As we’re still implementing the new system, some content won’t be available in the 1.7 project at the beginning:

  • Emails
  • Some error messages
  • The new menu

It will be uploaded as the project moves forward. So don’t expect a linear progression of the percentage of translation at first.

4. Translations are in beta phase

The fact that we’re dealing with a new translation system AND that the 1.7 version is still in beta phase means that some things aren’t perfect and might change.

  • Some strings might evolve as we release new beta versions.
  • Some strings do not have any domain yet. For the time being they are in the “messages” file. They will eventually be placed in the proper domain.
  • All the modules aren’t organized in their respective folders yet. Their translations are available in the “messages” file in the meantime.
  • We’re still testing how the propagation works (if you translate something in 1.7, will it be translated in 1.6 too? Or is it the reverse?). Stay tuned!

5. Language packs aren’t available yet

This is also something we’re working on. As we’ve introduced a new translation system, the PrestaShop-to-Crowdin part is up and running; and we’re now focusing on the Crowdin-to-PrestaShop part. Language packs won’t be available at first, so you won’t be able to retrieve your translations and have them in your 1.7 shop in the beginning. We’re aware it’s not for the best as of now, but don’t worry: solving this is among our top priorities!

Of course we’ll keep you updated and let you know as soon as something new comes up. We’ll update the project as it goes so that you always benefit from the latest changes.

Now is the time to translate PrestaShop 1.7 :D

Thank you for your contribution to the PrestaShop project!

Translate PrestaShop 1.7